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Tuesday 21 July 2015

Opulent Chocolate on a budget. These chocolate choices will make your mouth water and your bank balance smile...
I LOVE chocolate - who doesn't?? I adore the way it melts in your mouth. The way it releases it's flavours and the way it wakes up your senses. I usually stick to Cadbury's or some other ordinary chocolate brand. Today's post is a little different. Today's post is food based (slightly different for TPOMQ, right?!). None the less, I hope you enjoy this post.. let me know in the comments if you do!

So, me and my gorgeous assistant AKA my mum AKA Mummy Quirk - tried and tested (tasted) 8 sections of chocolates. We went to three main retailers - Lakeland, Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer's - I'm pretty sure you've got at least one of these shops in your town incase any of these delectable chocolate's takes your fancy.We rated each chocolate out of 10, so you can see what we thought of each product.. we hope you enjoy this yummy blog post! 

This post is for if you want a little bit of luxury on a budget. We can't all afford to go to Harrods of Hotel Chocolat - this post is for us, the ones who love luxury, but can't afford the highest peak of it.

ChocOnChoc - Egg and Soldiers

£5.99 purchased from Lakeland
Choconchoc's Luxury Novelty Egg and Soldier Chocolates are absolutely gorgeous. Choconchoc use the finest Belgian Chocolate in their Somerset workshop, where they create these delectable chocs!
Me and my mum tried a soldier each from this collection and we both thought that the chocolate was amazing; silky, smooth and light too. We both gave this chocolate 10/10. Why? Because the price reflects in the quality and it's totally worth the £5.99!

Sainsbury's Taste The Difference - Milk Chocolate with a Hazelnut and Praline Centre

£2.40 purchased from Sainsbury's 
I love Sainsbury's Taste The Difference range as everything from it, is just that little bit more special and opulent. This bar of chocolate was one of our favourites. The smooth centre melts in your mouth releasing an almost Nutella flavour. We described this as a cross between Nutella and Lindt - my idea of chocolate heaven! We both gave this a 10/10. The price is so so good too! Perfect for a bit of indulgence on a weekday.

Marks and Spencer The Collection - Dulce De Leche Chocolate

£3.00 purchased from Marks and Spencers
Creamy and indulgent with a caramel kick, this chocolate is light and unusual. This chocolate wasn't love at first bite but after trying it again a few hours later; I fell in love! At first I didn't like it at all but sometimes when you re-try something your mind can change and now I love this. I would probably give this a 8.5/10 and my mum would give it a 6/10. We both agree that £3.00 is a little steep for such a plain, thin and small chocolate bar.

Thomas & Grace - Luxury Milk Chocolate Blackcurrant Truffles

£1.79 purchased from Lakeland
Strong and sweet at the same time; these little rich balls of blackcurrant and chocolate are cheap as chips but not my cup of tea. I thought that I would have adored these as I love anything fruity and sweet, but they didn't tantalise my tastebuds in the right way. The centre is mousse like and isn't what I'd normally look for in a chocolate truffle. Although pleasurable and sweet, these little truffles wouldn't be on my 'must buy again' list. I give these a 6/10 whilst my mum agrees with me. One of these balls is enough, I couldn't eat any more than one, in one go. 

Green & Blacks Organic Milk Chocolate with chopped and roasted Almonds

2 bars for £3 purchased from Sainsbury's
I personally think that this is one of my favourites. Rich but smooth and milky yet nutty; this chocolate bar is opulent whilst remaining affordable and ever so delicious. Me and my mum adore nutty chocolate, whether it be peanut, hazelnut or almond - this chocolate bar was one of our favourites! We both gave this 11/10! It's simply divine. If you enjoy nutty chocolate that's luxurious and adorable whilst being organic at the same time - this chocolate bar is for you!

Truede Chocolate Spoons

£2.99 purchased from Lakeland
Plain chocolate and milk chocolate spoons that melt in your mouth. These little spoons of luxury are delicious yet plain. Simple and nothing out of the ordinary these spoons however are made from such a smooth and silky chocolate, we adored these so much. Perfect if you're looking for opulence but not wanting to have a trillion flavours tantalising your taste buds. We both gave these a 9/10 as they are chocolatey and yummy!

Marks and Spencer The Collection - Decadent Caramels

£4.00 purchased from Marks and Spencers
3 different flavoured middles; Alphonso Mango, Chewy Pecan and Burnt Caramel. The mango was fruity and rich, we both liked this but wouldn't go mad on it, we'd give this one a 3/10. The Chewy Pecan was lovely but not as we expected, not as nutty as we had endeavoured, we'd give this one an 8/10. The Burnt Caramel however was opulent and just as we had expected, creamy, smooth, sweet and salty, we both gave this a 10/10 - it was amazing and ever so tasty.

Green & Blacks Organic - THIN Milk Chocolate

2 bars for £3 purchased from Sainsbury's
Crunchy caramel pieces with flakes of Anglesey Sea Salt - this chocolate bar was another of our favourites. Salted caramel flavoured and ever so sweet with a salty edge, I'm sure everyone will love this bar of heaven. Me and my mum adored this and both gave it a massive 10/10! Light but rich, sweet but salty; this chocolate bar is by far one of our all time favourites. This price is incredible for such a luxurious flavour and texture.

We are now sick to death of chocolate, we didn't eat that much of it (a small square of each) but we now feel sick of it. This blog post was great to do.. eating chocolate as a job!? How fricking amazing, huh?! 

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Which from the above do you like the look of the most? Let me know, in the comments below!


  1. I wish we had a Lakeland near us! Not so much for the chocolate taste, we have plenty of shops to get that from, but just because of the cute those egg and soldiers were, and the little spoons! If I was the kind of person to have tea parties, they'd be adorable! :3

  2. I've never wanted chocolate more in my life right now! Lol

    Unfortunately we don't have any of these brands here in the US. :( but I've been tempted (badly tempted!) to try Cadbury, Dove and Ghirardelli. I've tried Godiva and that was just delicious! I've never had hazelnuts and chocolate before that and I loved it! Next time I'm out I'm getting a small box of them and trying Ghirardelli so I can stop driving myself crazy! Lol

  3. the egg and soldiers one looks adorable i'm gong to have to go on a little trip to Lakeland now xx


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