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Valentine's Day is here once again and like every other year in my life when this time has rolled around, I'm single and turning to self-love and self-care to celebrate this day filled with love and affection. And honestly, what better way to celebrate Valentine's than with a big 'ole pamper session? And thanks to LUSH and their annual Valentine's Day collection, I can have the best V-Day pamper in existence... but what will I be using?

I'm 26 and I officially think I'm having a quarter life crisis. My life, as a whole, is amazing. I've got everything a girl my age could possibly want, and that's not lost on me in the slightest. But this year I'll be 27 and I've never even kissed anybody – tragic, right? 

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Christmas is only a matter of weeks away, and if I'm honest, this year has been the most organised I've ever been. Ever. I had most of my Christmas presents bought by the end of August, which I guess isn't a hard feat considering I have a tiny family that really only comprises of my mum and cat. But either way, I like to think of myself as pretty prepared and organised... I am a Virgo after all. 

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Christmas is officially within sight, and with that, comes the excitement for the run up to the most wonderful time of the year. And if you're anything like me, you probably adore the run up to Christmas more than the day itself, and this is exactly why it's paramount to make sure you make the run up incredibly magical and special. 

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As a huge fan of the Royal Family, when I got offered the opportunity to go to Windsor Castle on an afternoon coach trip, I just couldn't pass. I had always wanted to visit Windsor – both the town and the castle – so it was truly a dream to travel from London with Golden Tours.