Sunday 17 March 2019

Since delving into the world of spirituality, and then becoming a Wiccan Witch, I work with coloured candles a lot in my day-to-day life. Coloured candles all have different meanings – each colour puts out a different vibe to the universe, which in turn means each different coloured candle has a different correspondence.

I adore working with different coloured candles because they enhance my vibration with the universe, while aiding and enhancing spells, manifestations, releases, and rituals. 

I work with the following colours: black, white, green, pink, light blue, dark blue, ivory/cream, orange, purple, red, and yellow.

Black Candles

Black candles are one of my favourite coloured candles to work with. Black candles banish negativity, aid with protection, and great for rituals involving the root chakra. When I do any spells I will always work with black and white candles. I also use black candles around the new or full moons, as it clears the sacred space of negativity, and protects those within the sacred space too.

White Candles 

White candles can be substituted for any colour candle, just like how rosemary can be substituted for any other herb. But as their original colour, white candles are great for cleansing and purifying. The white candle usually represents the God/Goddess, so when I'm performing spells that need both the God and Goddess present, I will light two white candles, one to represent each. 

Green Candles

I love working with green candles. The colour green represents prosperity, which is why green candles are perfect for wealth spells. Burn a green candle when manifesting money, particularly under the new moon. Green candles also attract luck, abundance, and fertility. 

Pink Candles

Pink candles (light or bright) promote self-love, romance, joy, and friendship. Burn a pink candle when you're romantically attracted to someone, and if they are also attracted to you, you will soon find out. Burn a pink candle when you have low self-esteem or negative body connotations. 

Blue Candles

Working with blue candles (light or dark) always brings a peaceful vibe. Great for burning when carrying out a meditation, the peaceful blue candle will calm the aura of the room and participants of the meditation. Also used for forgiveness, healing, and happiness. Great for spells surrounding exam success also. 

Ivory Candles

Ivory/Cream coloured candles are the candles of opulence. Burn a green and an ivory candle together at the same time to attract wealth, abundance, fortune, and luxury/opulent items! Also use when carrying out full moon rituals, or when you want to call upon the Greek Goddess Selene. 

Orange Candles

Perfect for success and creativity, burning orange candles aids in enhancing your creativity and in turn your success. Burn an orange candle around the time you hope to secure a promotion, or get a good grade in an exam, or around the time you're looking to get creative with hobbies or work related things. Also good for education, strength, happiness, and energy!

Purple Candles

Purple candles mainly relate to psychic abilities and spiritual awakenings/awareness. Perfect to burn when you are working with forms of divination such as tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, crystal balls (or other scrying methods), and clairvoyance. Also used for wisdom, wishes, power, and tranquility. 

Red Candles 

Mainly used for passion, vigour, sex, romance, and love – red candles are perfect for attracting passion, sexual encounters, and love. Red candles also attract positive energy, so they're great to use when you've cleansed an area using sage smudging (spray or dried white sage), or a black candle. 

Yellow Candles

Great for manifesting, yellow candles are perfect to use beneath the new moon for maximum manifesting power! Also great for positive vibes, confidence, focus, intuition, and success. 

Although it really is just as simple as grabbing a coloured candle and burning it, it's still not as simple as it sounds. It's all about intention. Intention is the greatest thing when it comes to anything that involves magick. When burning sage to smudge, set your intention. When lighting a coloured candle, set your intention. When performing a spell or a ritual, set your intention. SET. AN. INTENTION.


Do you work with coloured candles / colour magick? I highly enjoy working with candles and incorporating them into my magickal rituals and spells. 


Thanks for reading this post! Let me know what you thought of it below?