Wednesday 13 March 2019

Midsize girls are finally being heard. Midsize girls are finally getting noticed within the realms of social media. And for all of this, I am truly grateful. Having been a little bit of a chub all of my life, being midsize has been a constant for me. People judge people on how they look, so as you can imagine, being midsize also means getting judged. Throughout school I was chubbier than the average girl, and even now, I am chubbier than the average girl – but why should that matter? I'm not ashamed of being chubby, and to prove this? Well, I wear clothes that hug my figure... and here's why...

When I was younger I would wear clothes that hid my chub. I would wear really oversized, baggy clothes – and they would in fact make me appear bigger. But over the past few years since blogging, discovering what my style is like, and growing up to become the woman I am today – well, my style has changed, and I now sport figure hugging clothes without worrying if you can see a love handle or two.

From the second we are born, we are dictated to. We are told how to act, what to like, how to look, how to dress, and how to live our lives. We are told that having chub is bad. We are told that we should ALL be super slim, with flat stomachs and perfect skin. So when we see anybody who isn't the beauty ideal, or if we think we aren't the beauty ideal – we start to judge. We judge others, and ourselves. And this needs to stop.

No body is the same. Every body has different attributes.. but every single attribute is beautiful, and this is what we all need to learn. 

I remember when I was at school, and I would worry so much about not being slim like all of the other girls. I would worry about my PE kit and how my shorts would reveal my chubby thighs. I would worry how I would look playing netball compared to all of the other girls. But if I could say anything to eight-year-old Mollie, I would tell her to carry on being herself, and not to worry about having a lil bit of chub. I would tell her that the chub on her stomach and thighs doesn't define her, doesn't diminish her beauty, and doesn't mean she's unworthy.

Now I'm a twenty-one-year-old woman, I wear clothes that make me feel fabulous. I don't care if my love handles can be seen through a dress. I don't care if my thighs touch. I don't care if I have cellulite. And I don't care what people think.

Having a little bit of chub on show doesn't mean you're any less beautiful. Everyone is a force to be reckoned with.. regardless of the amount of fat on their bodies.

It's okay to be different. It's okay to have a different body... after all, no bodies are the same. NONE. No bodies have the same shape or size.. some people have larger bums, some have larger boobs, some have smaller chests, and some have longer legs – everyone is different. We need to learn to love ourselves first, and then we can truly accept ourselves, our unique quirks, and the beauty in our bodies.

If you're looking to be a little more confident with your fashion choices, it's pretty easy to begin incorporating more bold choices into your wardrobe. Start off with just one garment that is a little bolder than you would usually go for, and wear it with all the sass and confidence you can manage. If a love handle shows through because the dress isn't as loose or floaty as you'd go for, try to forget about it or maybe even pair the dress with a kimono or cute jacket, and then try to remove the jacket for a few minutes. These are small baby steps that will get you well on your way to accepting your body and being confident in who you are.

I'm not saying buy a bodycon dress and wear it to Sainsbury's... we don't want to run before we can walk. 
Every small step we take, will in turn contribute to a better future. A future where we can all love our bodies, and any fat that sits on them.

It won't happen overnight. You're not going to be able to feel fully comfortable instantly when you put on a more fitted dress.. you're not going to feel your most confident straight away... because it takes time. Even now, I can be weary about what I wear and what I team things with... it's because we have been conditioned to loathe any chub or fat or cellulite or rolls. So re-conditioning our outlook will not be linear, nor will it be quick...

Keep going though. Keep making small changes. Keep feeling more and more great about yourself. And keep on being the fabulous you that you are. Don't shy away from style because you're not society's beauty ideal... break the rules, and prove to everyone that you don't need to be a size 6 to wear a particular style!

Be you, wear what makes you feel amazing, and never shy away from clothes because you don't look like the girl on the advert.

Have you ever not bought something, or shied away from a style because you thought you didn't fit into the beauty standards of society? Let me know below!


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