Twenty-Eighteen, what a year! I was determined to make 2018 the most positive year yet, and despite having a few low moments (mental health wise) this year, it's been a surprisingly uplifting, and okay year. From releasing my first single, to looking into a new religion – a lot has happened, and I have achieved an awful lot too!

New Years Eve isn't that far away.. scary really, isn't it? A new year is almost upon us... and we have no clue as to what it may hold for us all. I'm sure that 2019 will bring us all an abundance of blessings! But.. it's not here yet, and we are still yet to see out 2018, and I have just the attire for any curvaceous girl – the most stunning 'dressy' dress – ever! 

Apparently I have a "ridiculously glowy outlook on life" and apparently that's seen as a negative trait. I've not always been a positive person, and I've not always really loved life, or myself for that matter. I know what it's like to be negative, but I'm so grateful because I've turned my mindset around – I no longer think negatively, instead I'm positive, happy, and I have a zest for life that won't ever fade... so here's why it's okay to have a "ridiculously glowy outlook on life" – and how you can get a "ridiculously glowy outlook on life" too.

As a curvy girl, it can be tricky to find the perfect little black dress. When you think of an LBD, you think of a tight fitting body con dress – well, that's what I used to think. LBD's are so much more than body contouring dresses – they can be flattering, floaty, sparkly, and chic. They don't need to be figure hugging, they don't need to expose every inch of you – they just need to make you feel and look fabulous..

I hop on here very often to express my thoughts on my body. From learning to love my curves to embracing my imperfections, and from being a midsize girl, to dressing to suit my shape. And today isn't much different. I wanted to hop on here today to chat to you all about loving yourself. Whether you're curvy, slim, fat, thin, or anywhere in-between – bodies deserve love. My curves deserve love. Your curves deserve love. We all deserve love...