For the past seven months, my creative media year group and I have been working on something incredible. Unlike any other student magazine that I know of or have stumbled across, Tag 2017 breaks boundaries in delivering exciting, unique and thought-provoking articles. From speaking with one of the most well-known body positive advocates, to interviewing music stars across the world, investigating cartoon conspiracies, covering various sport stars and interviewing men who wear makeup on a regular basis - Tag 2017 really is a magazine that I'm proud to say I've worked on.

Aside from clothes and makeup; stationery is a big love of mine. I hoard it usually but I'm starting to hoard even more of it due to starting University in September. Being a blogger and a student (and a female in general) means I get through A LOT of notebooks. Notebooks are my life. I LOVE scribbling down notes, notes about everything and anything. Whether I'm taking notes about cool outfits I see somebody in, ideas for an upcoming song I may be wiring, blog post ideas, lecture notes at college or just one of the thousands to-do lists I write in a week - writing for me is therapy, no matter which form.

At the age of just 16-years-old, a young Edward Enninful was heading to school on the tube, when a man approached him and asked him if he'd ever considered modelling. The man that approached Enninful was one of Britain's leading stylists, Simon Loxton. Little did a young Enninful know, that just 29 years later he'd be appointed the position of the first ever male Editor for British Vogue...

Spring is a time of the year in which fashion is at it's most chic. During the spring months, the weather is perfect - not too hot, nor too cold; just the right amount of sun to wear bright pinks and pastel colours, with just the right amount of coolness and breeze to be able to wear a trench and chic silk scarf.

Gingham is something that most British girls have worn at least once in their lifetimes. From the 1900s onwards, Gingham was commonly used as a material for young girls' dresses and school uniforms. I can remember absolutely loving my school summer dresses, I had both Blue Gingham and Red Gingham Summer dresses and I adored them all so much. Gingham frilled socks, gingham scrunchy hair bands, gingham dresses and gingham ribbon - Summer school uniform was mainly gingham! As I grew up, I dismissed gingham as it just reminded me of school uniform, but in recent years, gingham is becoming a trend and a trend that I for one am absolutely besotted with.