[ad-pr products: LUSH products were all gifted to me]

You all know how much I love LUSH, and they've smashed it once again with their Easter range for 2021. Full to the brim with beautiful Easter-y treats, LUSH's bathing accompaniments always cheer up your mood, and your home too! Bursting with fragrance and fun, this Easter LUSH have launched some really beautiful products.

[Post contains gifted products from LUSH]

Flowers for Mother's Day? Ground-bathing. Did you like that pun? I hope you did.. even though it's probably not the slightest bit funny. But in all seriousness.. a bouquet is beautiful and full of sentiment, but treating your mum to a relaxing bathing experience is one step ahead of the curve. 

[ad-pr products: Desenio prints + frames were pr gifts]

Since moving to my London apartment in January 2020, it has been an ongoing lockdown project to turn my home into a sanctuary. Having items around my home that make me feel happy is imperative to keep a healthy mind. Desenio has kindly gifted me a few prints and frames to add a touch of personality to my home, and it's safe to say that I am in love.