Monday 8 March 2021

[Post contains gifted products from LUSH]

Flowers for Mother's Day? Ground-bathing. Did you like that pun? I hope you did.. even though it's probably not the slightest bit funny. But in all seriousness.. a bouquet is beautiful and full of sentiment, but treating your mum to a relaxing bathing experience is one step ahead of the curve. 

Mother's Day is for everyone and in my eyes, it's a second International Women's Day – it's for women all over, mothers and sisters, nans and daughters, aunties and cousins, mums to children and mums to pets. Whether you're buying for a woman in your life this Mother's day or maybe even just for yourself, leave the flowers and chocolates at the door and opt for something ground-bathing instead...

LUSH always stun me with their innovative bathing aids – bath bombs in a beautiful array of colours and limited edition products. The LUSH Mother's Day 2021 range doesn't disappoint – flowers, pink, purple, shimmer, dreamy scents... there's everything you (or your mum) could ask for. 

Rose Gold Bath Bomb

RRP: £4.95

Probably the prettiest bath bomb I have ever laid eyes on, the Rose Gold Bath Bomb is pink, gold and full of colour. With a gorgeous powdery violet fragrance complete with notes of ylang-ylang, Rose Gold is an ode to glamour and sophistication. Bursting with bright pink and orange hues and finished off beautifully with a big whoosh of shimmery glitter – what's not to love?

Mother Of Pearl Bath Bomb

RRP: £5.95

A beautiful bath bomb that leaves your bath water milky and shimmery – Mother Of Pearl has a stunning scent of soothing vanilla and floral orchid. Dubbed as a skin-saviour, I can confirm that this little pearlescent treat really is sumptuous and skin-saving. Mother Of Pearl leaves your skin feeling moisturised and softened while leaving a light-catching lustre on both your skin and in your bathwater.

Atom Heart Mother Bath Bomb

RRP: £4.50

Blue skies and fluffy cotton wool clouds? This bath bomb reminds me of springtime and picnics – those gorgeous blue-skied days, sitting beneath the sunshine while fluffy cotton wool clouds roll overhead. A blue outer with a pink inner means this bath bomb leaves your bath water a pretty purple hue while leaving your skin smelling of fresh, ripe apples and bergamot. I adore this bath bomb – it's a breath of fresh air but with a fruity twist.

Mamma Mia Shower Scrub

RRP: From £11–£20

With a bubblegum pink hue and sweet, sugary vanilla scent – the Mamma Mia Shower Scrub is a must-have for anyone out there who's after silky smooth skin with a soft sugary scent! Smoothing your skin while enveloping your sense, this super scrub really is SUPER. Perfect for the tops of your arms, ankles, knees, shins and elbows, this shower scrub softens with ease and grace. With pink Himalayan salt, this scrub is purifying and cleansing too! Before this scrub, I had never tried a LUSH scrub, but now I have, I'll never look back. I love how pink this scrub is too – bright and uplifting and perfect for gifting to any motherly figure his Mothering Sunday.

Jasmine Cream Bubble Bar & Violet Cream Bubble Bar

RRP: £5.95 each

Flower-shaped bubble bars? I was sold upon first glance! These gorgeous bubble bars don't just look pretty, they smell it too. The white flower bar is the Jasmine Cream Bubble Bar, which has an elegant and powdery scent of Jasmine and ylang-ylang. The purple flower bar is the Violet Cream Bubble Bar – bright, vivid purple and covered in shimmery glitter – this beautiful bubble bar has a stunning scent of potent violet (if you like parma violets, you will love this). With a creamy centre, which is a nice calming surprise Violet Cream makes a beautiful gift this Mother's Day, as does Jasmine Cream – why not gift both? Each of these bubble bars are super pretty and make beautiful additions to your bathroom or bath caddy, and your bathwater too! 

Rhubarb & Custard Soap and Dish Set

RRP: £20

Rhubarb & Custard... a scent and flavour combination loved by all, right!? Well, LUSH have transformed this well-loved classic fusion of scents into a beautiful, creamy soap with an accompanying hand-made soap dish. The hand-made soap dish is completely unique – made from 79% recycled white clay (which is harvested from waste from the production of sinks, toilets and tiles!!). This cute duo makes the most perfect gift for Mother's Day. A classic fragrance transformed into a comforting bar of soap and a practical, funky soap dish to store it upon? Perfection! 

I absolutely adore the entire Mother's Day 2021 collection from LUSH (who am I kidding.. I love EVERYTHING they produce and release..) – but which item from the above would be your (or your mother's) ground-bathing bathing treat!? Let me know in the comments below!

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