Chanel and their creative director/head designer, Karl Lagerfeld staged the most elaborate and gorgeous 'Doll's House' showcase at Paris Fashion Week as a part of the couture shows. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid took centre stage of this elaborate show. Keep reading to hear my opinions and views on this increcible eco fashion showcase by Lagerfeld and to also discover my top picks from the collection itself...

After what seems like the longest break ever from YouTube, I've decided to make a comeback, but this time, for good.

As a self-confessed candle addict and lover of all things that smell gorgeous, when I discover a new brand of home fragrance products, I just have to try and test them. Introducing my new candle muse, Heart and Home - Pure Bliss candles...

I was contacted by an incredible, new, fresh and vibrant fashion brand with some incredible ethics behind them. As you all know, I'm not skinny. I have an arse, a rather big one in fact. I hate my bum as it's always difficult to buy clothing for. I always have to go up a size for my bottom clothing as my bum just stops me from being one size, which is so annoying. So when Rita and Phill pitched their skirts to me, asking me to try one of them out, I just couldn't refuse. Keep reading to unveil the massive 30% discount code!
Carnaby turned four months on January 5th, so I've decided to give you all a little update to how he's settling in with me and my mum, in the Quirk household.
I received a gorgeous package from the incredible Freedom Makeup last week and I just had to share this mini haul with all of you. I know that YOU will LOVE it all.

'Easy on the Eyes' by the incredibly talented Benefit MUA - Lisa Potter-Dixon is a triumph in the Beauty Tutorial Book industry. Easy to follow guides on how to achieve show-stopping eye looks. Keep reading to see my full review.

Yankee Candle, America's best loved candle - but arguably you could say the world's best loved candle. A favourite candle brand of mine, Yankee Candle are an American candle company set up in 1969. Yankee Candle consists of 5 main fragrance families; Fresh, Fruit, Floral, Festive and Food & Spice. Today I shall be sharing my new discovery with you all. A discovery of a trio of incredible treats.

Known for her voice like an angel, her curvaceous figure and her love for neutral colours, Mariah Carey is an all around idol for me, and has been since I can remember. Being brought up in a household with a passion for music, I have listened to Mariah for many years indeed and I have always admired her sense in style, keep reading to find out why I adore her style so much.

Whilst on the hunt for some new indulgent bathing accompaniments, I discovered Café de Bain's Indulgent Bath Crèmes. I was instantly intrigued and drawn in, firstly because of their pastel colour palette and secondly because of the fancy writing; then when I noticed the names of each of the three bath crèmes that I picked up and I was instantly in love.

I told you I'd be back, didn't I!? Well, I'm no liar, as I'm here! I hope you had a glorious NYE and I hope that 2016 has treated you very kind so far. Moving swiftly on to our favourite topic, FASHION, let's see how the 2016 trends are shaping up..