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Thursday 14 January 2016

I received a gorgeous package from the incredible Freedom Makeup last week and I just had to share this mini haul with all of you. I know that YOU will LOVE it all.
Freedom Makeup - sister brand of Makeup Revolution, is the new, professional quality makeup brand that's taking the UK by storm. I had wanted to try Freedom Makeup for a good few months before receiving this package and I'm so happy that I now own some of their pro makeup products.
I decided to get their 'Pro Artist Pad - Black Arts Palette'*, 'Pro Strobe Palette with contour brush'* and 'Pro Studio Brush Bath'*. These three products appealed to me the most as they are versatile and will probably be used in my everyday makeup routine as they are so basic yet professional. The products came packaged incredibly well, bubble wrapped and placed in a logo'd bag which says 'Freedom' in really big writing. When the postman delivered my parcel, I squealed with delight as I couldn't wait to have a play around with it all! I'm sure all of you beauty lovers out there can understand the excitement of new makeup goodies to play around with *insert heart face emoji here*.

The Pro Strobe Palette

The Pro-Strobe Palette looks incredibly professional upon first impressions. The palette is complete with 3 highlighters (top row) and 3 contour shades (bottom row). The highlighters come in; Beige Highlight, Yellow Highlight and Shimmer Highlight and the contour shades come in; Light Contour, Dark Contour and Medium Contour. The brush is durable and the bristles don't come out when applying product to your face. The shimmer highlighter leaves a gorgeous shimmery glow, especially when applied just above the cheek bones and up towards your temples. The medium contour shade adds a lovely depth to the cheek bones, but can be difficult to blend slightly so then I apply some of the beige highlight and blend outwards with a buffing kabuki brush. This palette is highly professional and of an amazing value at £10. I adore this palette so much.

The Black Arts Pro Eyeshadow Palette

The Black Arts Pro Eyeshadow Pad/Palette has a gorgeous array of shades. A mix of highly pigmented matte shades that compliment the light and shimmery metallic shades. The matte shades are very pigmented and don't crease throughout the day, whereas the metallic shades are lighter and a little more translucent than I'd like but they do stay for the whole day and don't crease, which is perfect for when I'm out and about for an entire day. Although I've dubbed the shimmer shades, light and airy, they are great if you aren't as daring as some MUA's out there. This palette is perfect for me however, as I'm not too keen on BOLD and DARK eyeshadow looks, unless it's for a certain occasion. Overall, I think this palette is incredible and for the sale price of £7.50 - it's a steal!

Pro Studio Brush Bath

The pro studio brush bath is my new favourite makeup brush cleanser. I have been a user of MAC's brush cleanser for around 3 years and since trying and testing this incredible budget yet professional product, I'm a total convert. at the mere price of £7.00 this brush bath looks as though it will last me 10x longer than a £10 bottle of MAC's brush cleanser. The freedom brush bath is sanitising, easy to use and a lot faster to use compared to my usual MAC cleanser. You just swirl your damp/wetted brushes into the solid bath for your brushes and then swirl your brush onto the palm of your hand under lukewarm running water, dab dry and leave to air dry for a day or so.

My overall opinion on Freedom Professional Makeup is that for the incredible value and quality, it's a no-brainer. This brand is incredible, high quality and astonishing value. I've been a lover of Makeup Revolution for almost a year and since discovering their sister brand, Freedom, I love them just as much. Makeup Revolution may be slightly cheaper but the quality of Freedom is slightly better, although Makeup Revolution is incredible and I shall continue to buy both brands.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution or Freedom Pro Makeup? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I've always viewed this brand as affordable yet very professional looking! They actually remind me a lot of Smashbox. The contour kit looks incredible! I think I need that eyeshadow palette. Gorgeous photos, great review and thanks for sharing xxx

    Jasmine ||

  2. Freedom is a brand I keep hearing more and more about! Need to try it out this year for sure!

    Parie x

  3. I love freedom. I've tried a few things. I especially love their primer water. I considering buying that eye shadow palette. The shades look beautiful, shame about the paler ones though! xx

  4. And they're cruelty free!! :3


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