Happy Halloween folks! Here is a green outfit of the day for you all... I am loving greens, reds, blues and oranges at the moment.. I think they look great and very Autumnal... This dress is AMAZING and so are the socks. Halloween is a time for fashionistas to explore different styles and colours, so that's why I styled up this green print party dress. 

I was personally invited to Rhona Anne's 'Fashions Finest' London Fashion Week showcase. When I initially received the invite I was over the moon as I'd never attended an event like that before. I was attending London Fashion Week with a magazine that I had worked for so everything ended up tying in perfectly. It was such an amazing experience for a fashion lover to actually take part in.

London Fashion Week was such an adventure for me. I met some amazing designers, brands and saw an amazing showcase which featured some amazing upcoming designers such as the fabulous - Rhona Anne.

Blue, Blue, BLUE! I have never really considered the colour blue as a colour that'd suit me. Since indulging in the fashion world more and more over this year I have discovered that blue is a really wonderful colour to wear and I think it suits me well, if I'm being honest. 

I NEVER ever, ever, EVER wear 'casual' clothing out. I always usually go for 'smart/casual' never normally just 'casual'. I feel more comfy in smarter clothes because leggings, tracksuits and sweaters feel like pyjamas to me and I like to feel more classy, so I'd usually go for a dress, jeans, blouse, shirt, slogan tee etc.... 

This outfit was very comfy for a day of lounging and popping to the shops with my mum, but just not me... I don't feel comfortable in 'gym clothing'... it's okay if I work out or go to the gym, but for anything else I feel, how can I put it? Hmm... 'chavvy'?.... I just don't feel classy in these clothes. If I wore the sweater with a pair of skinny jeans then I'd feel slightly better and if I wore the leggings with an oversized tee-shirt I'd also feel okay.

This outfit is perfect for the gym, working out, dancing, lounging about or just popping to the shops. I don't recommend this for serious shopping trips, formal events or making the right first impression.

Bag from Louis Vuitton in the Damier Azur print leather canvas // Trainers from Office by Nike // Scarf from Louis Vuitton // Leggings from Pink // Sweater from Monki

This outfit is comfortable whilst still remaining chic. Try this look out and let me know what you think! 

As you all can probably gather, I'm a massive fan of Lulu Guinness and her unique handbags and accessories. This outfit post features her very iconic Dollface Wanda Bag which has been a big hit recently. I used this bag when I went to London Fashion Week at the beginning of September and it got a lot of response in and around the designer showrooms. The outfit featured above is what I wore to college on Wednesday and I got a few comments on various items such as the jacket, necklace and of course handbag! 

I think making an effort at college or work is key. Especially if you are aiming for a job in the fashion industry, such as myself. Fashion is my everything. Everyday I try and put together an outfit that stands out for all of the right reasons. I mix and match highstreet with high end to create a chic and relaxed vibe. As you can see the only high end piece I'm wearing here is the glorious Lulu Guinness handbag!

Jacket from River Island // Handbag from Lulu Guinness // Shoes from River Island // Ripped Jeans from River Island // Top from River Island // Necklace from New Look

I hope you like the way that this outfit has been styled! - Thanks x

On Friday night, me and two beautiful girls from college, Kaysie and Emily, went to the cinema to watch the new horror 'Annabelle', which wasn't as scary as I thought. We had a great evening out together and considering that I only met them just under a month ago we all seem to get on perfectly and I hope that we remain friends for a long, long time!

Anyway... this beautiful ensemble is what I wore to Cineworld on Friday night. Yes, I may have felt a little too sparkly for the cinema but fashion is honestly my entire life and this dress is my favourite and I hadn't worn it since my seventeenth! This dress is my fave, fave, fave dress! It's a cheeky Topshop number and I think it suits my personality perfectly. It looks great dressed up or down and I personally think it looks perfect with a berry-red lip, red nails and a Lulu Guinness bag in hand. 

The Archive Eyes Jenny Handbag I'm holding is designed my the amazing Lulu Guinness for her AW14 collection. It holds a lot of essentials and looks amazing. It's very eye-catching... see what I did there?;) 

The sandals... omg, the sandals are absolutely amazing... if I do say so myself! They are sparkly, pretty, perfect and the comfiest shoes everrrrr. They are from River Island and retailed at £40 when I purchased them a few months ago. 

Did someone say sparkles? Yes, my necklace did. Phantom Jewels are my favourite statement necklace brand ever. They sell the most perfect pieces and I have worn the two pieces I own by them so so so much this week! Go and check them out, they are amazing!


Necklace from Phantom Jewels // Dress from Topshop // Jacket from River Island // Earrings from River Island // Bag by Lulu Guiness // Sandals from River Island // Scrunchie from Topshop

Nail polish by Nails Inc. in WESTEND // Lip colour/stick by L'Oréal in Relentless Rouge

Do you like this outfit?

Hello again! Yay! Another OOTD! Autumn is my most favourite time of the year, the leaves are about to change colour, the wind is slightly chillier and layering up in the best thing because you can explore different trends etc... I bought this tee-shirt in about February and it's great for this Autumnal weather, the slogan that reads 'MORE ISSUES THAN VOGUE' is perfect for any fashionista that keeps up to date with Vogue. I am a Vogue-a-holic! I boy it every month and now that Company magazine has stopped, I'm even more obsessed with it! The red jacket was in the River Island sale a few weeks ago and sold out directly after I bought it, so I was so so lucky. It's red which isn't usually a colour I'd go for, but at the moment I'm in love with RED, it's versatile, classy and of course my favourite word at the moment.... Autumnal! Haha... The leggings/jeggings are the same type of thing that I wore in another OOTD, but this time they're more of an acid wash denim. The UGG's are also the same one's I wore in a previous post... they are my favourites! They are the comfiest things to have ever graced my delicate feet. My feet are absolutely terrible with shoes, they're always covered in blisters... haha.. The satchel is from The Cambridge Satchel Company with my initials embossed in gold, which reads 'MQ'. I've done a post about solely this item so if you scroll back through my posts, you'll come across it eventually :) The earrings are from Forever21, the watch is from Fossil and was shipped to me from Germany for xmas a year or two again and the tartan scrunchie is from River Island.

Jacket from River Island // Tee-shirt from eBay // Leggings/jeggings from River Island // UGG boots from UGG // Satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company // Watch from Fossil // Earrings from Forever21 // Scrunchie from River Island

What do you think about how I've styled this OOTD?