Tuesday 28 October 2014

I was personally invited to Rhona Anne's 'Fashions Finest' London Fashion Week showcase. When I initially received the invite I was over the moon as I'd never attended an event like that before. I was attending London Fashion Week with a magazine that I had worked for so everything ended up tying in perfectly. It was such an amazing experience for a fashion lover to actually take part in.

The show case was held in the Grand Connaught Rooms, a short walk from Somerset House. I was allowed a plus one, so I brought my mum who is also into fashion, we both gave in our tickets and then sat down in our seats. There was such a wonderful atmosphere in the room, everyone was buzzing around with their cameras and notepads, then the lights dimmed and music started to boom.

Rhona Anne's collection 'Portraits of Elegance' was showcased first and I was stunned by the entire collection! Rhona always seems to get it right. Her collection was brimming with clean cut garments with her signature splash of the ever so classy leaopard print. Grey and beige with accents of patterns filled the catwalk, leotards, pencil skirts and blouses with a slight peplum. 'This woman understands fashion.' I heard one woman murmur to her friend and I couldn't agree more. Rhona does understand fashion and what women need and desire from clothing.

Rhona Anne is 'one to watch' and I truly believe that she will go very far in the world of fashion. I hope to one day receive an invite to a main LFW showcase of hers, I am sure this will happen as she is an amazing designer that deserves a long and flourishing career in the fashion industry.

Below are some high resolution images from the day, I did take some photos of my own, but they was all rather blurry.

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  1. Hi Mollie, I love reading your blog so I nominated you for a little blogging award. It's in my most recent post, if you'd like to have a look :-). Hope you're having a lovely week x

  2. These dresses are so beautiful and elegant - stunning collection!
    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin, dear?

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  3. Wow pretty! Try to visit www.robecart.com they have nice dresses and accessories too!


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