Wednesday 1 October 2014

Rosemary Goodenough - LFW - Designer Showroom

The beautifully elegant Rosemary showing me her scarves.

Rosemary's beautiful daughter modelling the 'Metamorphic Collection' as a delightful dress

When I attended London Fashion Week during September I was lucky enough to meet Rosemary Goodenough. Rosemary Goodenough is an amazing artist who has now transformed her divine artwork into wearable pieces of fashion. Rosemary is such an approachable woman and I am so glad that I stopped by to have a chat with her at The Designer Showrooms. We had a good old chat about the designs or shall I say artwork featured on her exquisite scarves, her beautifully designed packaging and much more.

Rosemary has designed a series of collections including my personal favourite - 'Parliament Dawn' which is a breathtaking design that captures the prominent features of The Houses Of Parliament onto a scarf. Rosemary has also designed a scarf that is beyond versatile, a scarf that can be worn as a dress, a coat or a simple wrap - 'The Metamorphic Collection' is a masterpiece in itself and I am sure this trend will cotton on in the fashion world pretty fast - I love it!

'Parliament Dawn'

 I recently interviewed Rosemary herself via email, below are the questions and answers:

Exclusive Q&A with Rosemary Goodenough

Mollie: What inspired you to transform your beautiful pieces of art into divine fashion garments?

Rosemary: What a lovely way to phrase that question, thank you Mollie! The trigger was very simple really, I was exhibiting my Paintings and Sculptures in an exhibition and overheard someone who was looking at my Oil Painting 'Springing Tulips' exclaim "If that painting was a Scarf, I would wear it!". That of course led to many months of painstaking research in order to find the best possible quality manufacturers which led us ultimately to the great Silk Printers near Lake Como in Italy.

Mollie: If you had to choose a favourite piece that you've designed/created, what would it be and why?

Rosemary: That is one question that I find impossible to answer as each piece is only in my Collections if I feel passionately that it is the very best it could possibly be so they are all my favourites!

Rosemary show-casing her 'Parliament Dawn' scarf. How gorgeous is that?
Mollie: I think that you are a very inspirational woman, you seem so driven and classy, but who inspires you the most and why?

Rosemary: You do ask difficult and interesting questions Mollie! I have never regarded myself as inspirational but thank you for the lovely compliment. I think more than driven I am simply passionate and obsessed by detail to an extreme degree. My husband Michael Waller-Bridge is incredibly inspiring and equally obsessed by detail and my gorgeous daughters, Nancy La Roux and Amy Nelson always lift my heart and I'm very appreciative of their belief in me.

Mollie: If you could wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Rosemary: White, because I always feel happy wearing it.

Mollie: Who is your favourite fashion designer and why?

Rosemary: The designer who inspires me most from history is Erté and currently it would have to be the incomparable Issey Miyake.

Thank you so very much to Rosemary for that wonderfully intriguing Q&A via email.

What a refreshing way that Rosemary came about turning her pieces of art into glorious silk scarves, it's  almost like what happens in the movies!

Hopefully you'll see lots more from Rosemary on my blog in the future, she is such a lovely lady and I'd love to do another post about her and her brand again in the future.

Rosemary's: Twitter | Website 

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