Sunday 26 October 2014

London Fashion Week was such an adventure for me. I met some amazing designers, brands and saw an amazing showcase which featured some amazing upcoming designers such as the fabulous - Rhona Anne.

Rhona Anne designs some of the most clean cut, classy and bespoke pieces that every woman who enjoys classy style will lust over. The touches of leopard print she incorporates really do add a touch of glamour and on trend chic-ness.

Before seeing Rhona Anne's showcase with Fashions Finest I had a walk around the Designer Showrooms at Somerset House. My favourite displays were by Newgen and of course Wool and The Gang. Although every display was as creative as these, these particular two displays really stood out for me as they were colourful, different and very on trend and unique. 
I might pop a full post about Rhona Anne on my blog sometime in the next coming weeks, it will include her full collection and more of my opinions on it. She is a truly inspirational woman.

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  1. Wow! What incredible pieces! They are really unique and pieces of art!



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