Friday 3 October 2014

On July 5th 2012, I met Jasper for the first time. It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw him, I knew that we'd be the best of friends. Since then he's lived with me, loved me and we formed such a strong bond. He was originally my uncles cat but he gave him to me last Christmas as a present because he knew just how much I loved him. Jasper was around my age, which is quite old for a cat, but where he didn't really do much and was very healthy we all thought he'd live a lot longer. Jasper sensed everything... when I was ill with gallstones he'd always come and sit with me, lay on my belly and rub up against my head. I taught him to high-five me too. He had lots of toys and blankets. He had a favourite cardigan that was mine, it was ironically a 'Jasper Conran' one.. maybe he knew, we'll never know though. Jasper was my best-est friend throughout the time I knew him. I loved him so so so much and I still do and will continue to do so throughout my entire life. In June, Jasper moved back to London to stay with my uncle for a while as me and my mum had things to do etc... I saw him at the end of June for the last time - I was meant to go and see him next week actually. Jasper's back legs had been playing up for a while so my uncle took him to the vets, he had an x-ray and a blood-test and from what I can understand, nothing deathly was wrong with him. On Thursday October 2nd after I had finished college at 12pm I got a cab home, tidied my room and just before we was setting off to the beach to take photographs for my photography homework my uncle phoned my mum. This was normal as they speak quite often, so I continued with what I was doing. I walked into the kitchen happily with my camera and my mum walked off.. I asked what was wrong before she mouthed to me with a slight whisper "Jasper died..." I burst out in tears, crying, screaming unable to speak for a minute or two. I cried non-stop for a couple of hours and then on and off all of that night before crying myself to sleep. Jasper was and still is my best-est friend. He had a lot of cat friends on Instagram and they all loved each other. I miss him terribly and I will never, ever forgive myself for not going to see him sooner. He was put to sleep on October 2nd 2014... it wasn't necessary from what I can gather and if my uncle had told me before I could have at least said goodbye to him. I'd cut up my Louis Vuitton bags to have him back here. I can't stop crying. Jasper... I love you. Rest In Peace on your fluffy ginger cloud, It won't be long until we're united again.

You never really understand grief for pets until you're going through it. A few years ago if someone cried for weeks and weeks over the death of a pet I would've thought 'How silly.' but now I understand fully about this I can see it in a completely different light. I will probably cry everyday, if not on the outside, on the inside because Jasper, I love you and I miss you with all of my heart. Sweet dreams little puss wuss, I love you more than I love fashion... and that is a lot. 


  1. I lost my cat Parsley, who I'd had for 17 years in June, and it was heartbreaking. I hated every minute of it, I was at work when it happened and my mum told me on the drive back at 10:30, I sobbed and screamed for about 6 hours until I passed out in my room. It's horrible loosing a pet that means so much to you, I would give away all my possessions to have him back but he's asleep in the bottom of my garden now..

    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks (I left my link incase you need another cat person!)

  2. So sorry to hear this, I know how hard it is to lose a pet and some people just don't understand how you can share the same love for animals. But they are just like family xx



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