For most of my life I've been told that I'm 'bold' with my style choices. I'm often told that I'm bold and brave for clashing colours and prints, but for me it's reality and something I do with ease.

[Vintage style dress gifted from Lady V London]

When I got my first tattoo I kind of think I was having a quarter life crisis because I didn't think it through.. I just went and got it. Although it was a spontaneous decision, I actually don't regret it at all – in fact, if I didn't get my first tattoo spontaneously I probably wouldn't have any now. 

[This post contains gifted boots from CUCU Fashion]

An article popped up on my phone around a month ago that spoke about the amount of hidden sugar in our food. As soon as I read that article there was no looking back – I was a changed woman.

In August, H&M announced a collaboration with Richard Allan – a London-based scarf and wearable art label. When I heard about the collaboration, I was so excited – silk scarves, bold prints and chic matching ensembles are what I am all about.

[Gifted visit and meal]

Last week I headed to my local Bill's restaurant to review their new menu for autumn 2019. Full to the brim with delicious delights, the new menu is bursting with flavour, colour and hearty meals for the colder months.

We attended the Terminus Road restaurant in Eastbourne on a cold, blustery and incredibly rainy day – we needed a hearty meal and that's exactly what we got.

Kicking off the night with a mocktail, these stunning new additions to the menu are as delightful as they look. The Blackberry and Lavender Cooler (£4.50) – blackberry and lavender cordial, rhubarb puree and cloudy apple juice finished with sparkling water; and the Shrub It Off (£6.95) – somerset raspberry, blackberry and honey shrub with raspberry syrup and lemonade. Each of the mocktails were delightful, so yummy and the perfect palette refresher before starting a meal.

We then ordered to starters to share. We ordered the brand new Crispy Fried Vegetables (£6.50) which was my favourite dish from the entire night. Beetroot and courgette slices, flourettes of cauliflower and chunks of red onion were lightly battered and combined with a red pepper sauce, with shredded brussel sprout kimchi. The sauce accompanied the vegetables perfectly – an utterly delightful dish and once I cannot wait to try again (I shall definitely be returning for cocktails and roasted vegetables ASAP).

The vegetables were accompanied by the Garlic and Herb bread (£3.25) – the perfect accompaniment. 

Combined, this starter was light yet filling – full of bright colours and the most amazing flavours!

For our main course, we opted for the special of the day – a gorgeous Steak and Rarebit Pie (£13.95). A delicious pie with beer braised steak and a cheddar topping with a crumbly shortcrust pastry.  The pie was accompanied by a delicious gravy and a hearty serving of vegetables – a root veg mash and a handful of curly kale.

This main meal was hearty, filling and flavoursome. If you're after a warming winter meal, this is the meal you're in need of. Nothing beats a bit of comfort food in the colder months, especially when it tastes as good as the Bill's Friday special!

For our desert, we opted for two of the new additions to share – the Spiced Pear and Raspberry Eaton Mess (£6.75) and the Warm Blackberry, Apple and Ginger crumble with custard and ice cream (£6.50).

The Spiced Pear and Raspberry Eaton Mess was absolutely divine. Smooth whipped cream combined with meringue, raspberries and chunks of pear that tasted as though it was soaked in winter spices.

If you want to finish your meal with a hearty and warm pud, then the Warm Blackberry, Apple and Ginger is for you. Warm and rich, this fruity pudding warms the soul. With spices and fruit, a buttery crumble topping and the duo of warm custard and cold ice cream – this meal is truly delicious! 

I ended the evening feeling rather full, so opted for a short cocktail – the Sparkling Blackberry Negroni (£8.50). Warming and spicy, this heady short is the perfect drink to wind down with. It packs a punch and leaves you feeling satisfied and comfortable. With crushed ice, frozen blackberries and a slice of orange, this drink is the ultimate autumn cocktail. 

The Sparkling Blackberry Negroni contains Campari, Martini Rosso, blackberry and a dash of Prossecco. 

The Bill's autumn menu for 2019 is utterly divine. Opulently autumnal, each facet of the autumn menu has depths that tantalise your tastebuds and leave you feeling full, satisfied and comforted in the colder months. 

Colourful vegetables adorn each facet of the menu – nourishing your body and soul. 

I highly recommend Bill's and everything they stand for – fresh food, an abundance of fruit and veg, a great atmosphere and the most innovative yet hearty meals. If you're ever near a Bill's Restaurant, do pop in and have a bite to eat – you won't regret it!

Thank you, Bill's for the most amazing gifted evening and for the delicious autumnal food. 

[Contains gifted products from LUSH]

I adore LUSH and I adore autumn, so when I was asked to review their Halloween collection – how could I refuse?

Full to the brim with the scents of trick or treat goodie bags – this collection is delightful and most definitely a treat not a trick! I was kindly gifted the ENTIRE Halloween collection.. I couldn't quite believe it when I opened up my PR package.. I was stunned! Anyway, let me introduce you to 2019's spooky delights...

[Dress gifted to me by eShakti]

When eShakti reached out to me a few months ago and asked me if I'd consider working with them I was skeptical. They claimed to create made to measure garments to fit any woman.. they also claimed to be completely customisable. I was intrigued. 

When I looked on their website for the first time I was blown away. Hundreds, and I mean HUNDREDS, of styles of dresses that were all 100% customisable and made to measure. I thought to myself "surely this is too good to be true".

I scrolled for around an hour looking at all of the beautiful dresses. There was just so many that I would quite happily wear.. an array of different colours, cuts, styles, necklines and lengths – almost all of them customisable so you can alter the neckline or sleeve length to suit your style, comfort zone and needs. 

I then stumbled across this beautiful dress. Red, navy, pink and black – all colours I adore and wear regularly – in the most amazing bold and striking print. The thing that drew me to this dress most was not only the style, but the print – Orla Kiely-esque and utterly stunning. 

I then measured myself and input each of the measurements. I added on an extra half inch to insure that it would fit perfectly.

I chose to have a rounded neckline with short sleeves and a below-the-knee length. I kept the belt and kept the pockets.

This dress was 100% customisable. If I desired a square neck or a V-neck I would have been able to have had it.. I would have also been able to have a mini length, floor length, long sleeves, no sleeves and no pocket. It's so amazing that eShakti offer such a customisable range of garments.

The dress arrived within a two week time frame – beautifully boxed and with a dress maker quality tape measure!

I unwrapped the dress and was stunned. More beautiful than the photos on the website, this dress fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. A silky opulent material that's floaty, a dreamy thick belt, pockets at the perfect height, and not to mention the perfect fit of the dress as a whole.

I've never worn a dress that looks so beautiful on my figure.. perfectly crafted and made to measure.

I decided to team this gorgeous dress with some Clarks ballet pumps that I purchased in the summer sale. They are so comfy, naturally I bought them in two colours, so expect to see them both make multiple appearances on here.

I also added my Karl Lagerfeld signature cross body bag into the mix. A gorgeous electrifying red and stand-out signature – this bag is perfect for making a statement. Definitely a bag for girls who want to be bold with their outfit choices!

I highly recommend eShakti. Not because they kindly gifted me this dress, but because I truly love everything they stand for. Women of all shapes and sizes should be able to look and feel fabulous in whatever they want to wear. eShakti give women a platform to create their dream garments.. from occasion dresses to everyday wear. I am so happy that they got in touch with me because I adore this brand and am so chuffed to have found it 1) for myself and 2) to share it with you guys!

[Dress gifted to me by Junarose]

If you've been a reader of my blog on the regular, then you probably know how much of a basic fall girl I am. As soon as July/August hits, I'm in full autumn mode and nothing can stop me. Autumn is the most beautiful time of the year. There's just something in the air that makes me happy when autumn comes around.