Tuesday 29 October 2019

For most of my life I've been told that I'm 'bold' with my style choices. I'm often told that I'm bold and brave for clashing colours and prints, but for me it's reality and something I do with ease.

When I clash patterns, prints, colours or textures I think to myself "will I feel comfortable wearing this combination?" and "does it match but not?" if I answer yes to each of these questions – then the chances are I'll wear it.

The outfit in these photos is a total mismatch heaven.. mustard cable knit tights; a blue, mustard and brown mini skirt; and a cropped grey and lime/yellow Pringle jumper from the HM X Pringle of Scotland collaboration. None of it matches, but at the same time it works perfectly.

When you put together an outfit that doesn't match (but kinda works) it's important to forget about what other people are going to think. Stop worrying about the people who drive past you on the high street – their opinion isn't valid. Stop worrying about your friends' opinions, your family's opinions and your acquaintances' opinions... because their opinions on YOUR style decisions are NOT valid in the slightest.

At the end of the day, you're making a fashion statement.. for YOU. You're expressing YOUR OWN style. And most of all, you're doing what you want in YOUR life!

When I put together a clashing outfit I always strive to make it as unique as possible, mainly because I like to be different. Being different, being unique, and having a style that is personal to me is a really big thing and something I pride myself on. I cannot stand the thought of being exactly the same as everyone else.. for me, having an individual and unique sense of style is my most treasured trait.

My top tips for clashing prints:

- Choose a colour palette of 3–4 colours. As long as you stick to a vast colour palette you'll be fine. Mixing greens with pinks is always good and blues with reds. The possibilities are truly limitless. Pick three colours you love and then try to incorporate them as much as possible. For this outfit I based it upon yellows/mustards, reds, blues and greys.

- Be brave. Polka dots with checks, pringle with plaid, dogtooth with floral – anything goes if you try heard enough! I love clashing prints.. it adds an edge to your outfit and really shows off your personality too.

- Be bold with textures. Prints and colours aren't the only things you can clash. Textures are so much fun to play with. Knitted tights with a silky skirt, a chiffon blouse with smart trousers, or a chunky cardigan with a ironed shirt.

- Don't be afraid to mix and match. Think dresses with trainers, dresses with biker jackets and midi skirts with sweatshirts. I love teaming unlikely pairings together as they always make for the most interesting look.

- If you turn heads, you've succeeded. Not everyone wants people looking at them, but if they're looking at you while admiring your boldness then who cares? Keep on looking, hun! If people are looking, "ahhhing" and telling you they like your style.. then you've definitely succeeded my friend!

Do you like being bold with your fashion choices? Do you like to clash prints? Let me know in the comments below!

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