There's so much talk on social media that revolves around getting a 'summer body', a 'beach body' or a 'bikini body'. But I call bullshit. Although I understand fully, the desire of wanting toned abs, lean thighs and an 'instagram worthy' body – it's just a trap. A trap to ensure we buy into the diet industry, and a trap to ensure we loath our bodies so much that we feel the need to alter and change them. 

Philosophy is a brand that I have adored for years. Their multi-use shower gels are my absolute favourite, and the gorgeous fragrances that they produce are second-to-none. Not to mention the stunning minimalistic packing that pleases my aesthetic beyond words could describe. With a wonderful, well, philosophy... Philosophy are a brand that I won't ever tire of, and once you discover it, you'll feel the same way too.