Two new scents from Philosophy | Amazing Grace Ballet Rose and Pure Grace Nude Rose

Wednesday 16 May 2018

Philosophy is a brand that I have adored for years. Their multi-use shower gels are my absolute favourite, and the gorgeous fragrances that they produce are second-to-none. Not to mention the stunning minimalistic packing that pleases my aesthetic beyond words could describe. With a wonderful, well, philosophy... Philosophy are a brand that I won't ever tire of, and once you discover it, you'll feel the same way too.

Last Christmas I received a beautiful gift set from my mother, a Philosophy gift set containing four multi-use shower gels and a stunning fragrance. Ever since, I've been using the gels and spritzing the Baby Grace eau de parfum whenever I get the chance – their scents are addictive, light and incredibly feminine too. It's safe to say I'm definitely in love with this beautiful brand, and everything single thing about it.

This spring, they've released two new scents: Amazing Grace Ballet Rose, and Pure Grace Nude Rose – two stunning fragrances that are utterly delightful and incredibly delicate.

Amazing Grace Ballet Rose

RRP: £33/60ml | Available from Boots, Feel Unique and John Lewis
The newest member to Philosophy's Amazing Grace family, this stunning eau de toilette is both delicate yet heady. With top notes of delicate rose; mid notes of vibrant lychee and peony; and base notes of sheer pink musk – this glorious fragrance is like a ballet that excites and entertains your senses. Soft and delicate with a sensual side, this beautiful fragrance is much more like an eau de parfum, as the longevity doesn't resemble an eau de toilette whatsoever – it's much more long-lasting, and depthy. I adore this fragrance to bits – it's beyond beautiful and oh so perfect for anytime of the day, year or lifetime.

Pure Grace Nude Rose

RRP: £33/60ml | Available from Boots, Feel Unique and John Lewis
Delicate and bright, with a warmth that lasts all day through, this stunning new fragrance is effortlessly beautiful. With top notes of blush rose and dewy greens; mid notes of neroli and orange flower; and base notes of cedarwood and sun-kissed musk – this fragrance is the perfect scent for any lover of musky fragrances. Sensual yet fresh, this delicate fragrance is unlike any other musk based fragrance I've tried before – it's understated, it's not too 'in-your-face', yet it still stays with you throughout the day.

Both of these scents are utterly divine, and I'm hand-on-heart obsessed with the both of them. I cannot get enough of them. I'd recommend them to anybody who adores luxury fragrance! I'd say that Amazing Grace Ballet Rose is more for the sweet and fruity fragrance lovers, and Pure Grace Nude Rose is more for the sensual and musky fragrance lovers!

What's your favourite fragrance family? Let me know in the comments below. Also, let me know which scent you think would suit you best out of the above new launches from Philosophy...

*PR Sample


  1. These look amazing, loving the packaging

    Candice | Natalya Amour

    1. So stunning isn't it! I'm obsessed! – Mollie xxx

  2. Both scents must be very beautiful and I love that can last for many many hours. Your photos are so beautiful as well, perfect to present these perfumes!
    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire

    1. They really are! I too was stunned that they last so long, especially considering they're EDTs! Thank you so much, that means such a lot to me! – Mollie xxx

  3. these sound so good and not expensive for a scent this size! Must go to Boots to give them a try!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. love this post :)
    kisses :)


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