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Monday 30 April 2018

An array of face masks for every problem, skin concern and result? M&S Beauty has you covered. I adore face masks as they leave my skin looking fresh, glowing and prepared for the week ahead. This amazing selection will change your skin for the better, and you certainly won't regret investing in one or more of these amazing masks...

From Emma Hardie to Origins, and REN to GLAMGLOW, there's an array of brands that will please an array of different people of all ages, skin types and skin concerns. 

I tested one of these face masks out per week, and used that mask twice during that week.

GLAMGLOW YouthMud Mask

This mask is a saviour for most types of skin. Perfect for any gender, mature skin, young skin, and blemished skin – the GLAMGLOW YouthMud Mask was originally formulated as a 10-minute professional 'facial-in-a-jar' for BTS use in the entertainment world of Hollywood. If you're looking for camera-ready skin in an instant, then this is what you've been looking for. With a refreshing scent and interesting texture, this mask applies evenly and dries in around 10 minutes. Once the mask is dry, I usually wash off and then use a cleanser before patting my face dry and applying a moisturiser. When on trial, I used this mask twice during the same week. The results were amazing – my skin was instantly brighter, my complexion was more even and my skin stayed really clear while using the mask. I can't recommend GLAMGLOW enough! I find that this mask is a perfect mask for a Sunday pamper, as it takes a while to remove when compared to clear, gel and foaming masks.
The GLAMGLOW YouthMud Mask is available from M&S Beauty for £42

Origins Original Skin Retexturing Mask 

Probably my absolute favourite mask out of this entire haul, the Origins Original Skin Retexturing Mask is pink, smells of roses and leaves my skin glowing. With Rose Clay and Willowherb, this incredible face mask retextures your skin, while erasing pores and gently deep cleansing your skin to leave a refreshed and clear complexion. Whenever I use this skin, I definitely feel that my skin has improved – it looks clearer, appears brighter and feels smoother too! I definitely recommend this, especially if you're after the results of the GLAMGLOW mask, but aren't able to spend out on the hefty price tag. 
The Origins Original Skin Retexturing Mask is available from M&S Beauty for £26.50

Emma Hardie Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask

This mask has such a stunning texture, scent and application. With more of a balm/thick cream formulation, this luxurious mask works wonders on your skin. Reducing pigmentation, smoothing out deep wrinkles and improving moisture, this mask does it all. Unfortunately I had a bad reaction to this mask, I think I used it too close to using the REN mask (feature further down the post). I will definitely be using this again in the near future, and hopefully my skin will gladly welcome it this time instead of turning red and blotchy. But after the redness faded, my skin definitely felt smoother, clearer, cleaner and the tiny wrinkles around my eyes and forehead had definitely disappeared. 
The Emma Hardie Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask is available from M&S Beauty for £49

REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask 

The REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask is a potent exfoliating mask, which works hard to remove a layer of dead skin cells (which is probably why my skin reacted badly to the Moringa mask, please note that you should never use a highly potent exfoliating mask so close to another potent mask.. bad move there, Mollie)! With a gel-like formula that's super think and rich, this mask almost feels like you're applying honey to your face. When applied, your skin feels comforted and upon removal it feels extremely cleansed and toned. I really loved the results I saw after using this mask, just please don't use another potent mask after using this one, as it's a true powerhouse! 
The REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask is available from M&S Beauty for £36

Pixi Glow-02 Oxygen Mask

If you're looking for a light mask that feeds your skin with much-needed hydration, then the Pixi Glow-02 Oxygen Mask is for you. This mask is perfect for daily use before makeup application, as the results clear your complexion free from sebum and oil, ensuring you have the perfect blank canvas for makeup application. This mask has an anti-fatigue formulation, which awakes the skin gently and stimulates blood flow. This mask has a gel-like formulation, which transforms into a foam when on the skin – it bubbles up and tingles ever so slightly. I adore this mask as it's refreshing, easy to use and easy to remove too. I definitely think this is the perfect pre-makeup mask as it's incredibly invigorating. 
The Pixi Glow-02 Oxygen Mask is available from M&S Beauty for £26

Pure Natural Beauty Skin Remedy Masks

These masks are amazing! The most budget friendly from this entire haul, the Pure Natural Beauty Skin Remedy Masks treat all types of skin concerns, while leaving your skin looking new, fresh and glowing too! One has a cream-like texture, another has a gel-like texture and the other has a clay-like texture – each of the masks apply easily and achieve amazing results. The Nourishing Face Mask is the one with a cream-like texture, and this mask is perfect for mature skin, sensitive skin and skin that needs fast hydration. The Brightening Face Mask is the one with a gel-like texture, and this mask brightens dull skin, while leaving it looking dewy and refreshed. The Deep Cleansing Face Mask is the one with a clay-like texture, and this mask contains charcoal and clay, which ensures all impurities are drawn out, in turn leaving your skin deeply cleansed and incredibly clear. I adore each of these masks as they're affordable and work so efficiently too! 
The Pure Natural Beauty Skin Remedy Masks are available from M&S Beauty for £12 each

I adore caring for my skin – after-all, our skin is our biggest organ, so it's vital we look after it. If you have or haven't delved into the world of face masks yet, you need to try at least one of the above masks. There will definitely be one to suit your skin's needs, I can guarantee it!

Have you tried any of the above face masks that M&S Beauty stock? Let me know in the comments below!

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