I've never been keen on tucking my top into my trousers, wearing cropped tops or wearing tighter fitting clothes. When I was younger, probably 13 and under, hiding my chub was number one on my list. Baggy tops, big jumpers and tracksuits – I would never dream of wearing anything other than something that could hid my fat, my curves and my chub.

[Gifted bathing accompaniments from LUSH]

Valentine's Day... just like any other day? Or a day for love and romance? Well, whatever Valentine's Day means to you  – it IS a day for LOVE. Whether that be loving you, someone else, your body, your friends, your family or your life... simply celebrate all facets of love! And what better way than to spend Valentine's having a good old pamper?

[Evelyn Rose collection gifted to me by Crabtree & Evelyn]

In July 2019, Crabtree & Evelyn announced that they were re-branding. Founded in 1972, 2019 seemed like the perfect time to give this brand a new identity while bringing it into the modern world.

[Dress gifted to me by Jolie Moi]

I don't think a week will pass me by when I don't sport a floral print. For me, it's a timeless print that never, ever goes out of style. When spring rolls around each year, I just can't help but wear a tonne of floral outfits.

I made it! I'm finally living in the big city...

[Cardigan gifted to me by Cara & The Sky]

A few months ago I received an email from a lovely lady called Cara. The email was an invite to a launch party for a brand called Cara & The Sky. I was so devastated when I couldn't attend, so I offered to interview Cara in the hopes of giving her fabulous and funky knitwear label some exposure, find the interview here! As a 'thank you' Cara kindly sent me one of her gorgeous garments – a bright, bold and beautiful chunky knit cardigan...