Thursday 13 February 2020

[Evelyn Rose collection gifted to me by Crabtree & Evelyn]

In July 2019, Crabtree & Evelyn announced that they were re-branding. Founded in 1972, 2019 seemed like the perfect time to give this brand a new identity while bringing it into the modern world.

I was kindly gifted some luxurious pieces from the Evelyn Rose collection, and my oh my – they are truly stunning. Each product is opulently scented with the gorgeous fragrance of Crabtree & Evelyn's new signature rose scent.

Far from the classic powdery rose, Evelyn Rose is woody and aromatic with herbal notes throughout. 

I was kindly gifted four pieces from the Evelyn Rose collection by Crabtree & Evelyn.

Evelyn Rose Femme De Force Scent

The Femme De Force Scent is a very sensual fragrance. Heady, woody and opulent – this fabulous scent is utterly divine. Retailing at £71.50, this little bottle of luxury will make you feel like a million dollars. Feminine and classic, this gorgeous fragrance is long-lasting and leaves a lasting impression. You'll be sure to turn heads when wearing Femme De Force. 

Evelyn Rose Velvet Body Melt

Scented with the gorgeous Evelyn Rose scent, this Velvet Body Melt transforms from a luxurious cream to a silky oil as soon as it warms up (when it comes into contact with your skin). Soothing your skin, hydrating it, and leaving it feeling utterly nourished – this Velvet Body Melt is a game-changer when added into your skincare routine. I adore applying this to the tops of my arms, knees and shins after a hot soak. It's truly opulent!

Evelyn Rose Lustrous Body Oil

Perfect for transforming your skin, the Lustrous Body Oil is another delight from this collection. Caressing your body when applied, this delightful body oil really nourishes your skin while leaving it smelling beautiful. I adore using this after a big pamper day. I tend to use this just a few times a month as it's such a luxury item.

Evelyn Rose Satin Hand Cream

Your hands are usually the first thing to age, so it's important that we protect them. I love using rich hand creams on the daily. Scented with the signature Evelyn Rose scent, this hand cream leaves your hands feeling like silk. 

The Evelyn Rose collection by Crabtree & Evelyn is truly incredible and super luxurious too. If you're looking for body care that nourishes, caresses, cares and softens – all while leaving your skin smelling beautiful – then this collection is for you. From delightful skin treats to the most fabulous fragrance. 

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