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Christmas is only a matter of weeks away, and if I'm honest, this year has been the most organised I've ever been. Ever. I had most of my Christmas presents bought by the end of August, which I guess isn't a hard feat considering I have a tiny family that really only comprises of my mum and cat. But either way, I like to think of myself as pretty prepared and organised... I am a Virgo after all. 

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Christmas is officially within sight, and with that, comes the excitement for the run up to the most wonderful time of the year. And if you're anything like me, you probably adore the run up to Christmas more than the day itself, and this is exactly why it's paramount to make sure you make the run up incredibly magical and special. 

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As a huge fan of the Royal Family, when I got offered the opportunity to go to Windsor Castle on an afternoon coach trip, I just couldn't pass. I had always wanted to visit Windsor – both the town and the castle – so it was truly a dream to travel from London with Golden Tours.

I'm just a tad older than Taylor Swift was when she had just released her 1989 album for the first time back in 2014, and now I'm 26 and vowing to live my best 1989 era as she releases her iconic Taylor's Version of the hit record. 

Okay, so there's more than one person I'm hung up on... kinda. Three to be precise. But why on earth am I still hung up on this one person that I couldn't even break up with, nor could they with me? Because after all, we were never anything to each other, and as Andi sings, "if you never had him you can't break up". 

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So you're probably well aware of my passion for autumn by now, which is why I couldn't pass up the opportunity of going to Kew Gardens in the fall to witness the leaves change their colours and soak up the golden sunshine while exploring nature, botanics and everything else Kew is so famous for. 

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October is the most wonderful time of the year, right? After all, it's one of the only times of the year that it feels okay to slow down a little, appreciate nature, all that's around you and practice self care properly. And that's exactly what I'm doing this autumn – self care, self care, self care – and you should too. 

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As I mentioned in my post last week, revamping my home is one of my favourite things to do, which is why when a collaboration with Desenio cropped up, I couldn't refuse. 

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I am a huge lover of home decor. Almost every inch of my home has been either painted or wallpapered, and honestly, I've never loved living in a space more than I do now. Since moving to London from Eastbourne in 2020, ensuring my mum and I reside in a funky home full of mood-boosting colours and prints has been at the top of my agenda. 

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With springtime in full swing, it's time to look ahead to the summer months and get ourselves ready for the warmer weather. From bringing your summer clothes to the front of your wardrobe to putting your full coverage foundation in a drawer until October, it's officially time to prep for the sunshine-filled days and balmy evenings. 

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Even though I moved to London more than three years ago now, I still love being a tourist in my own city. There's just so much of London to be explored, discovered, appreciated, experienced and adored - and it's because of this that I am obsessed with heading out on day trips whenever I get the chance.

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With Easter officially approaching, it's time to get into the springy-spirit! If you're not feeling hopping mad already, then I suggest you start now, because with Easter less than one week away, there's not much time left to prepare for or celebrate this fabulously colourful occasion. 

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With Mother's Day just a mere few days away, it's probably time to start thinking about what you're going to give that motherly figure in your life. I honestly find Mother's Day one of the hardest occasions to buy for, not because my mum is difficult to buy for, but because the occasion just feels tricky. It's not supposed to be as extravagant as a birthday, Christmas or milestone day, but it's still supposed to be special, meaningful and full of thought. 

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I love bright colours. Whether it's my fuchsia velvet sofa, a brightly coloured wallpaper or a some yellow sunflowers – bright colours bring me so much joy and happiness. The same goes for my clothing. Brightly coloured clothes make me feel so happy, so confident and so full of life. 

It's 2023, I missed my bloggiversary, I've failed to blog once a week, and I've cried way too much this year already. But as I revel in a day of annual leave, how could I not write a blog entry?