October Pampering Picks And Self-Care Routine Ahead Spooky Season

Friday 6 October 2023

[ad-pr – the items from LUSH that are featured in this post were gifted to me]

October is the most wonderful time of the year, right? After all, it's one of the only times of the year that it feels okay to slow down a little, appreciate nature, all that's around you and practice self care properly. And that's exactly what I'm doing this autumn – self care, self care, self care – and you should too. 

Concocting a self care routine is paramount in this day and age, especially with the amount of technology in our lives and burn out culture running rife. So forming something stable and comforting that can be done whenever we're feeling particularly stressed or in-need of a slow-down is something we must do. 

This season, my self care routine comprises of a long, hot bubble bath, a face mask, using my favourite beauty products, listening to Taylor Swift and *hopefully* reading when I can. After all, life can be so hectic and what better time to relax and take in the world around you than the autumn?

If I'm working an early shift and I'm finishing at 3pm, my favourite way to unwind is to tidy round quickly and lighting some candles. At the moment I'm loving Homework candles by Harry Slatkin, but I'm also partial to a wax melt too, and have been loving the Pumpkin Spice Lush Melt* in my melt warmer and some cinnamon essential oil in my diffuser for a super comforting vibe and scent that fills my flat. I'll then draw the curtains and run a bath using the Pumpkin Crumble Bubble Bar*by LUSH to give the water a vivid orange hue and dreamy fragrance, and when bathing I also love to use their Sticky Dates Shower Gel* to cleanse my skin and leave it smelling super sweet and caramelly.

I'm also loving their Posh Chocolate Body Wash*, which has the most decadent scent ever, and leaves my knees and elbows feeling silky smooth. And then, depending on the day and my mood, I'll do a face mask and use either the Mr Pumpkin Face Face Mask* or the invigorating Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask*. 
Then once I've had my bath and put my favourite Pumpkin Spice Pyjamas on from Next, I'll focus on my skincare routine. At the moment I've been obsessed with the Wright's Soap – strange, I know. But seriously, my skin has cleared up so well and always feels so hydrated, comforted and oil-free whenever I use it. I then moisturise with a retinol-packed face cream and add some eye serum before scrubbing on some Candy Corn Lip Scrub* on my lips and finishing off with some Glossier Balm Dotcom in Berry. 

Once my pamper routine is complete, I'll usually have dinner. If it's cold and rainy, my favourite thing to eat is soup with garlic bread, or a hearty stew – or if it's a Sunday, a nice roast packed with veggies and a couple of Yorkshire puddings. Then, it's time to get cosy, and for this I usually hunker down on the sofa with the memory blanket my mum made me for my 26th, or if I'm feeling particularly extra I'll drag my duvet into the living room before switching on Gilmore Girls. 

But sometimes sitting still and eye-balling the television doesn't suit me, so I prefer to do something more productive like painting, writing or reading. Recently I've painted candles in autumnal aesthetics, painted watercolour illustrations, and written letters to my pen pal. I also enjoy writing in my gratitude journal, giving myself Oracle readings or reading books like The Secret or The Universe Has Got Your Back if I'm feeling somber at all. 

What does your self care routine look like for the 'Ber months? Let me know in the comments section below!

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