Exploring Kew Gardens In The Autumn – And Why You Need To Visit This Season

Friday 13 October 2023

[ad-pr – I was given complimentary tickets to visit Kew Gardens]

So you're probably well aware of my passion for autumn by now, which is why I couldn't pass up the opportunity of going to Kew Gardens in the fall to witness the leaves change their colours and soak up the golden sunshine while exploring nature, botanics and everything else Kew is so famous for. 

Kew Gardens is a botanic garden based in Richmond, London, and boasts of having "the largest and most diverse botanical and mycological collections in the world". With beautiful plants, trees, flowers and everything in between – Kew is truly mesmerising place to visit. 

Living in London means I'm somewhat starved of nature, and oh boy do I miss it. Having lived in Eastbourne means I was surrounded by the ocean and nature, but in London it's just concrete and the green-hued River Thames. But with Kew just a short bus ride or tube ride away, it's comforting to know that nature is so near. 

I started off my day travelling to my nearest tube station before hopping on the district line and making my way to Kew. Arriving at the Kew Gardens tube station was so magical to me – so small, so community-spirited and so village-like. I was already in love with the cute coffee shops surrounded by trees and uneven pavements. But then it was time to take a short walk down the perfectly tree-lined road before arriving at Kew Gardens. 

I'd already been to Kew once before – for the the Christmas event last November – but I'd got the bus there that time, and had only ever seen Kew Gardens in the dark, so this time was simply marvellous. Luscious greenery, trailing plants and that was just the entrance. 

Once inside, I grabbed a coffee, sat down and got familiar with the surroundings before hopping on the Kew Explorer for a 40-minute-long guided tour. The Kew Explorer is a charming train that runs through the grounds of Kew Gardens and costs £6.50 per person (a fee I paid myself). 

I was picked up at the first stop, Victoria Plaza, before being taken around the gardens and to the next stop which was Temperate House, which is currently home to the Queer Nature event until October 29. We then made our way past the Great Pagoda, which was a glorious sight, and so wonderful to see up close and personal. 

Through Redwood Grove, we then learned all about the wonderful Redwood trees and even saw the tallest tree in the gardens, before travelling through the massive Oak tree collection and then onto a section of the gardens that had the most amazing Eucalyptus tree selection – and oh boy did it smell amazing,

It was then onto Kew Palace – a beautiful red-bricked building that we got to get the most amazing view of. After Kew Palace, we then went past the Princess of Wales Conservatory before ending up at the very famous and beautiful Palm House. 

The entire tour on the Kew Explorer was so insightful and I feel as though I learned so much about the gardens and their incredible history. I loved how my wristband was valid all day, and I could hop on and off as much as I wanted. I then did just that, hopped off at Victoria Plaza and walked back up to Palm House to explore the indoor rainforest and all it had to offer. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Kew Gardens and really adored being able to soak everything in while the sun shone and the air was crisp. Visiting Kew in the autumn is super special, especially if you're an autumn lover like myself. Although you won't see the blossoms blooming or the colourful flowers out in full force, everything seems sun kissed and oh-so-beautiful in the autumn, and that's why I loved it so much. 

I'll definitely be visiting again soon – most likely for Christmas at Kew – and then maybe I'll return in the spring to properly appreciate the floral aspect of the gardens. But seriously, if you get a chance to go during the fall, do it – you won't regret it at all. 

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