I recently purchased the highly commended Tartelette Palette by Tarte. I really wanted to love it, honestly I did - but I wasn't very impressed.

If you're looking for a buttery textured, highly pigmented, gorgeously glamorous and versatile eyeshadow palette, look no further; this palette is definitely for you..

Carnaby is officially 8 months old! I last done one of these posts when he turned 4 months old and since then so much has happened with him!

Bullying is an awful thing. Many people in this world have experienced it, if not first hand, they may have seen somebody else experience it or they may have even bullied somebody themselves. 50% of young people have bullied somebody else and 30% of those will do it weekly. This is simply shocking and so unexpected, but bullying isn't just being punched or kicked, bullying is so much more.