Carnaby Quirk | Eight month review

Thursday 5 May 2016

Carnaby is officially 8 months old! I last done one of these posts when he turned 4 months old and since then so much has happened with him!

Carnaby was born on September 5th 2015, which means my little baby boo boo, fluffy, beautiful boy is 8 months old. He has been living with myself and my mum for 6 months and he has settled in incredibly well. I honestly couldn't imagine my life without him, he means everything to me and I love him sooo much! I can't believe he is almost one year old, it's ridiculous to think that he is 8 months old today, it really is. I just thought I would do a little review of his past few months, so that you can see how gorgeous he is becoming. I hope you like this post, please leave a comment in the comments section below!

Sharp claws and cat scratching posts

Last time we spoke I mentioned how he started scratching my book spines, so yeah, I had to put them away in a big 'ole box so they stay looking pristine and not too shabby! Me and my mum also bought Carnaby a cat scratching tree, which he adores SO much. He will jump on top of it, scratch it, bite it and run around it in circles.

Carnaby's first Easter

Carnaby also had his very first Easter, which wasn't the most exciting event as myself and my mum had a really awful bout of Influenza which took up my entire Easter break. But Carnaby had lots of fun! He dressed up as a Bunny and I found a tweeting chick from a few years back that he ADORED!

The most fashionable feline

Carnaby loves to dress up! I obviously don't leave him in an outfit for the whole day, I only dress him up for some pictures and for the lols too! He will usually wear an outfit for 2 minutes before I take it off of him as I wouldn't want him to feel restricted. This gold embellished dress is such a cute ensemble for my little Boo-Boo. We purchased this from eBay last year, before I even got Carn!


Carnaby's funny little phases 

Phases: Window ledges, snail in the sink and biting his MOTHER! Carnaby goes through phases of doing certain things. When we first got him last Autumn, he would run backwards and forwards realllly fast with Lamby, his fave toy, in his mouth, but he soon grew out of that. These days Carn will 'window ledge hop' - he will start in one room sitting on the window ledge before following the sun and moving around our entire apartment. I think it's kinda cute! He also LOVES curling up like a little snail in the sink, sniffing catnip, rolling in catnip and he still bites me too; which hurts more and more as his teeth are quite sharp - but he's still my little bubba and I don't really care all that much. If you know how I can stop him from biting, pleaseeee let me know in the comments!

Carnaby is growing up to the be the cutest, most adorable cat ever. He is my world and I love him SO much! Even though I might get nibbled by him, I don't care because he is my baby and I adore him. He never bites to be mean and vicious, I think he's just excitable and over-playful, but that is what makes him my gorgeous baby boy and I love him and wouldn't change him for the world!

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  1. I have a kitten too, she's called Boo and she's eleven months old this month. She still bites, but as she got older it happened less and less - we also have a little water spray bottle for when she bites, which I don't like using but cats catch on quick and she learnt pretty soon!


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