Beauty | Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Tartelette Palette (HONEST) Review

Sunday 15 May 2016

I recently purchased the highly commended Tartelette Palette by Tarte. I really wanted to love it, honestly I did - but I wasn't very impressed.

After hearing all of these ridiculously Instagram famous Makeup Artists RAVE over this supposedly incredible palette - I just had to buy it. I had mulled it over for around a year due to the hefty price tag, before taking the plunge around 3 weeks ago. I was SO excited that I had FINALLLYYY purchased this palette, the palette I had been swooning over for a good year. It arrived two days later and I was in love. On first impressions, I was impressed - beautifully packaged, opulent casing, a double ended brush, gold hardware on both the palette and brush and then I swatched the shades. I found the shades to be both chalky and not that highly pigmented - certainly not as pigmented as everyone said they would be. The shades, in the pans, look gorgeous, pigmented and highly creamy, but once swatched, it's a completely different story.

I then went ahead and took off all of my makeup as I wanted to see how they looked on the eyelid. I used the full second row to create a graduated mauve smokey eye, which looked okay but not as fantastic as I had anticipated. The 'Caregiver' shade is creamy and gorgeous, as is 'Natural Beauty' but once I applied 'Best Friend' and 'Bombshell' I discovered that they were chalky and didn't blend as well as I had hoped. I then decided to see how long the shades lasted on my lids. After 4 hours they had slid about and creased dramatically and by the end of the day it looked as though I had barely any eyeshadow on at all. I was VERY disappointed at this point. I am a massive fan of Tarte (and still am), their foundations are incredible and I adore their ethics too, but this palette has been such a let down. I decided to give it another try the next day but exactly the same happened again, it creased after 4 - 5 hours. My cheaper palette by Morphe lasts 8 hours minimum, so I decided to send my Tarte Palette back to QVC (whom I bought it from, using their 30 day money back guarantee).

I REALLY wanted to love this palette, I really did. I am so sad that it just wasn't for me. This blog post is not directed in a defamatory way towards Tarte as I am still a massive fan of them and will still continue to purchase my holy grail foundation from them along with other products, but I doubt I would ever purchase an eyeshadow palette from them again, which saddens me quite a lot. I totally respect the fact that most of you reading this whom own this palette will probably adore it, but I just wanted to share my views and personal experience on it with you. Sorry that this review isn't of a positive light, but my blog has been 100% honest since day one and will continue to be so.

I have included imagery of this highly photogenic palette as it looks gorgeous and I was going to use them for a positive review post, if I had loved this palette. I also included an image of the swatches so you can see how the shades look once swatched on the arm.

Have you tried this palette by Tarte? If so, what do you think of it? Do you have any other palette recommendations that I could possibly purchase in the future? - Comment below!


  1. I too am a Tarte mega fan but funnily enough my palette is sitting here right next to me ready to be packaged up and returned to QVC tomorrow. Thank goodness for their generous return policy. I was really disappointed at the finish on my eyelids. I was hoping that the matte finish would flatter, as was assured by the presenter, but in fact it was very dull and flat. I also found the pigment lacking but the final straw was the amount of movement on the lid with it all ending up in the crease by lunchtime. It won't put me off their shadows in future though as I have another palette with more shimmer that I use every day with no issues at all and in fact I love it. I have an alternative palette on order too - I'm addicted!

  2. I recently watched a Youtuber (can't remember who) talk about this palette and they said the same as you: the shades are quire chalky especially some of the lighter ones and they don't blend nicely. She did say she liked one or two shades a lot but that's it. I find it interesting how so many people have been raving about this. I guess things just work differently on different people. Thanks for a great review, won't be purchasing this!

  3. I'm usually an Urban Decay worshiper when it comes to eyeshadow, but I've purchased a few Tarte products from time to time - thanks for the review! Now I know to stay away (at least from this product).

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here


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