Today's the day! It's January 27th 2020 and today is the day that I uproot the past six and a half years of my life and move to London. I can't believe that this day is finally here – it seems as though I've waited for this day all of my life. All of the boxes are packed, the removal van is en route and I cannot wait to get into my new apartment, stand on my balcony and look out at (faint but still very much there) London skyline.

[Dress kindly gifted to me by Jolie Moi]

I've never ever shied away from talking about my blog and I've never understood why on earth people would. Why wouldn't you want to brag (in a good way) about something amazing that you've worked hard on?

[Lipstick, foundation and lip liner gifted to me by Charlotte Tilbury]

When the winter months roll around most people start to sport darker lips again, but I tend to sport a red lip for almost 365 days a year. Whether you're a red lipstick obsessive like myself, or a strictly festive red lip lover – it's always important to have the perfect red lipstick (and accompanying makeup too). 

Online shopping. What a brilliant invention. The convenience of purchasing whatever you desire online and it being brought directly to your door in a matter of days. We are ALL guilty of buying online.. but do you actually like ordering online or do you prefer walking into a store?

[Dress & coat gifted to me by Blue Vanilla Curve]

"Oh my goodness look at those shoes"
*buys the shoes*
*loves the shoes*
"These shoes are amazing. What if they sell out? What if they don't restock???"
*buys two more pairs of the shoes, just in case*

[Book gifted to me]

When I was growing up the body positivity movement didn't exist in my world. We didn't have mobile phones until secondary school, we didn't have Facebook until we were 13, and we didn't surf the web as they called it back then – you were lucky if you owned any technology other than a PS2, MP3 player or lava lamp.