Wednesday 15 January 2020

Online shopping. What a brilliant invention. The convenience of purchasing whatever you desire online and it being brought directly to your door in a matter of days. We are ALL guilty of buying online.. but do you actually like ordering online or do you prefer walking into a store?

I prefer walking into a store, nothing quite beats it.. the feeling when you see a store's new collection, the feeling when you can touch all of the clothes in front of you – feel the material and see if you think it's worth investing in.

But the truth is, so many people my age (millennials) prefer online over high-street. Isn't that sad? I think so. I think it's sad that people would rather spend £25 on four items of poorly produced clothing than spend £25 on a decent garment. I think it's sad that people would rather browse through endless images and pages full of clothes, rather than walk into a store and try something on.

I understand that things are tight and money doesn't grow on trees – trust me, I know this all too well. But I didn't say that buying decent clothing had to be expensive. I'm a super savvy shopper – sales are my life and I live for them, truly I do. I'm constantly bugging shop assistants and asking them when their next sale is. Especially stores that are known for their high quality high-street clothing – M&S, Monsoon and Laura Ashley.

Shopping is an experience and one I believe can only be fully experience when shopping in person. Obviously I understand that there are people who physically cannot shop and obviously I understand that not everything is available on store – I don't have an issue with online shopping per se (especially if it's your only option), I just have the issue with those who are ordering fast-fashion that doesn't last. You know.. the £4 dresses that will be worn once and then binned.
Shopping is an experience and one I believe can only be fully experienced when shopping in person, in a store
I'm guilty of buying £2.80 Primark leggings occasionally, but I try not to make a habit of it. I prefer buying things that I know will last. I buy £35 trousers from M&S, £50 (£18 in the sale) blouses from Monsoon. Jeans from River Island. Jackets from Monki. Dresses from Topshop. I prefer investing a few extra quid in order to get a garment that will last me years longer than a £1 bikini or a £4 dress.

I used to think that the high-street was the main culprit for fast-fashion but how wrong was I? The high-street has some stores that have incredible quality clothes – in my eyes, online retailers are guilty of being retailers of fast-fashion. Fast-fashion damages the environment.. yep, that £4 dress you threw in the bin after a night out isn't exactly helping the situation.

Buy from charity shops and donate too. Instead of binning perfectly fine clothing (or clothing that could be repaired) simply donate it to a local charity shop (it can even be one you're passionate about)

Not only do I try to buy high quality clothing as often as I can to ensure durability, I also donate clothes to charity and buy second-hand too. Never underestimate the beauty of savvy shopping.. especially in charity shops. I've found many treasures in charity shops before – vintage clip on earrings, silk scarves for £1, cosy cable knits and vintage tea dresses among other beautiful finds such as boots, shoes and jackets. The possibilities and discoveries are truly endless.

Some of you might be reading this thinking "how will I stay on trend if I don't buy fast fashion?" – create your own trends honey! Seriously – fashion is a circle (my mum told me this when I was 12 and oh boy was she right). Every year the same kind of trends circle back around.. so why not buy decent clothes that can see you through multiple fashion cycles/circles?

The beauty of fashion is that you can alter any look, any trend, any collection to mould your personal style. Those dogtooth slacks you picked up last fall? Team them with that cute cable knit you found in a charity shop last week. Those gorgeous new shoes you bought from the Clarks sale? They will last you years and you can easily team them with that jacket that you've had for three years!
Being sustainable, savvy and eco-conscious is easier than you think...

Are you an online shop-o-holic or do you prefer hitting the high-street?

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