Sunday 19 January 2020

[Lipstick, foundation and lip liner gifted to me by Charlotte Tilbury]

When the winter months roll around most people start to sport darker lips again, but I tend to sport a red lip for almost 365 days a year. Whether you're a red lipstick obsessive like myself, or a strictly festive red lip lover – it's always important to have the perfect red lipstick (and accompanying makeup too). 
For me, a decent red lipstick is the greatest weapon. Pair that with a matching lip liner and a flawless face base? And BOOM. There you have your perfect winter makeup staples!

I was kindly gifted a trio of amazing products from Charlotte Tilbury:
- Matte Revolution: Red Carpet Red
- Lip Cheat: Kiss 'n' Tell
- Airbrush Flawless Foundation: 2 Neutral

Matte Revolution: Red Carpet Red

If you're looking for the perfect red lipstick, this is just what you need. Red Carpet Red in Charlotte's spectacular Matte Revolution finish is a flawless lipstick that looks luscious on your lips. Although matte, I find this formula to be incredibly hydrating – it glides on with ease and provides a stunning matte finish that lasts all day. Red Carpet Red is deep and seductive – perfect for the colder months and frosty evenings.

To accompany the above lipstick, Charlotte's Lip Cheat in Kiss 'n' Tell is the perfect match. I really love her Lip Cheats – they're so sumptuous and great when paired with any of her lipsticks. I tend to outline my lips (overdrawn ever-so-slightly), lightly colour my lips in with the Lip Cheat and then I'll apply the lipstick. The Lip Cheat really enhances your natural lips while making them look plumper and more full.

Airbrush Flawless Foundation: 2 Neutral

Brand new from Charlotte Tilbury, the Airbrush Flawless Foundation is a the newest, most innovative foundation by Charlotte. This foundation is said to: 
  • Reduce wrinkles by 22% (in 8 weeks)
  • Be sweat, humidity, water and transfer proof
  • Boost your skin moisture levels by +216% in 1 hour
I found this foundation to be really cool and light on my skin. I didn't think it looked cakey at all, nor did I find it to wear off (so I can confirm that it is definitely sweat, humidity, water and transfer proof). When removing, I found that my skin was super smooth and moisturised too!

I really love this foundation because it's super matte-looking yet not cakey. It sits nicely on the skin. It covers blemishes well. It doesn't move or oxidise throughout the day. And it gives me such a flawless finish... no joke!

Each of the products from this trio are perfectly suited to my skin, my needs and my preferences. I really adore each product and highly recommend them for the winter months (and beyond).

I think it's always good to introduce a few new products into your makeup routine as the seasons change, and I am so chuffed that I've added these into my AW19 routine!


  1. That red looks beautiful, what a classic shade. I'd love to try that foundation, but I don't think it'll work well on my dry skin, so I'll have to wait and see if she brings out a more hydrating foundation in the future xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  2. I couldn't make that foundation work for my skin. The red is stunning! x


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