Country music is my favourite genre. I'm big into deep feelings – heady feelings, the kind you feel when you fall in love (I can only presume). Country music gives me the illusion that I'm falling in love, actually in love or recovering from a heartbreak – country music allows me to feel emotions I've never felt before, and I think that's why I'm so fond of it. 

[Gifted bikini from Figleaves & tee from SHEIN Curve]

I have cellulite. I have dimply thighs and a dimply bum. I have fat rolls, back rolls, bingo wings and saggy boobs. I have a little belly that hangs a little bit. And guess what? NONE of the above means I can't wear a bikini. Because every BODY is a bikini body. Now, prove me wrong.

[Gifted underwear from Pour Moi]

Our bodies are ever-changing vessels – their changing is a constant throughout all of our lives. Our bodies get bigger and smaller; our bodies gain and lose; our bodies change colour; our bodies get taller and shorter – our bodies amazing and they don't get enough credit.