Wednesday 10 June 2020

[Gifted underwear from Pour Moi]

Our bodies are ever-changing vessels – their changing is a constant throughout all of our lives. Our bodies get bigger and smaller; our bodies gain and lose; our bodies change colour; our bodies get taller and shorter – our bodies amazing and they don't get enough credit. 

As you'll know if you're a regular reader, I used to loathe my body (and sometimes I still do, because self love isn't linear) – but after embracing the world of #bodyposi on Instagram, my life and mindset changed for the better. I went from hating the cellulite on my legs to accepting it; from despising my bum to loving it – and so on. 

But self love changes overtime – it fluctuates and varies. Take this global pandemic for example – it has meant that a lot of us have been in a lot more, not moving as much, maybe eating more, and maybe having more toxic thoughts about our bodies in our heads. But a global pandemic shouldn't knock your confidence, stop yourself from loving YOU or change the way you perceive your appearance. There's more important things to worry about at the moment – your weight or size shouldn't be at the forefront of your mind. 

The world is in turmoil – there's so much going on, so much hatred, injustice and heartbreak – it is more than okay to gain weight. And you should never stop loving yourself, your body or your appearance. 

I've been finding a few things really helpful lately – these things are aiding my self love and self acceptance journey, so I thought I would share them with you...

Wear clothes that make you feel great

Whether you decide to wear lace lingerie to feel good or a pink fluffy dressing gown – it doesn't matter. Whatever makes you, feel good about YOU, is what you should be wearing. Somedays I'll stay in my pyjamas all day long, but somedays I'll put on my favourite lace lingerie and dance around my bedroom. And on other days I might go all out and wear a dress to do the dishes. It's all about what makes you feel good about you.

Look at yourself in the mirror

I look at myself in the mirror a lot. Probably because there's a lot of mirrors around my flat. When I catch my reflection – my first thought wants to be negative, something like "ew look at that belly" – but then I check my posture and look again. When I look again, I see the beauty in my belly rolls, thick thighs and cellulite. Shift your mindset when you next look in the mirror, and trust me, you'll learn to love yourself a little bit quicker!

Move because it brings you joy

I try to workout on the regular. I'm doing around 20–30 minutes of exercise for five days each week. I don't do it to lose weight – I do it for my mental health and because it brings me joy. When I workout, I usually put music on in my room and go with the flow – I'll dance, do some squats, use resistance bands, do some yoga – I just do what comes naturally for however long I desire. It's a joyful activity and something that isn't focused on results, outcomes or an ideal body. It's a very healthy way to invoke joy and happiness into my being.

Steal Mollie's self-love style!

I'm wearing a gifted underwear set from Pour Moi, which is a part of their Charity Edit. I'm wearing the Lepel Fiore Shorts in Steel Grey and Lepel Fiore Full Cup Bra in Steel Grey. Both pieces are super comfy and so flattering too. I feel so confident in this set – it's so sexy and accentuates my curves and shapely figure perfectly! 

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  1. This post is amazing! I'm with you girl. I've also gained a bit of weigh, but I'm happy, healthy and my body has gone through so many changes during this pandemic (mentally and physically) so I'm very proud of it!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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