Wednesday 24 June 2020

Country music is my favourite genre. I'm big into deep feelings – heady feelings, the kind you feel when you fall in love (I can only presume). Country music gives me the illusion that I'm falling in love, actually in love or recovering from a heartbreak – country music allows me to feel emotions I've never felt before, and I think that's why I'm so fond of it. 

I hate modern technology (how ironic), but Spotify is what I use to discover new country artists and songs. During lockdown I've discovered so many new songs, albums and artists and I feel as though I just need to tell somebody about them all and why I love them the way I do, so sit down, grab a cup of tea and be prepared to fall in love with country music. 

2018 was the year I really got into country music, but 2020 is the year I've really dug deep.

Lauren Alaina

I had listened to Lauren on a few occasions before this year, but I never really got overly involved. I honestly wish I had done sooner – Lauren's music is real and raw. My favourite tracks of hers are from her latest EP, they are as follows: Getting Good, Country in Me and Ladies in the 90s. I also love her tracks Road Less Travelled and Doin' Fine.

Caroline Jones

I only discovered Caroline a couple of days ago, and oh my goodness! If you're a hopeless romantic, you need to listen to Chasin' Me it's such a beautiful song with really heartfelt lyrics that I can only dream of relating to. 

Tenille Arts

I discovered Tenille towards the end of last year and I was instantly hooked. I listened to I Hate This first, before falling down a YouTube hole and falling for every single song that she's ever put out. Mad Crazy Love is probably my favourite song of hers, but other notable releases are: Right Guy Wrong Time, Nothing To See Here, Good Guys and There's This Boy. 

MacKenzie Porter

Towards the end of last year I also discovered MacKenzie Porter. I had heard a couple of her songs before, but again, never delved deeply. Her song These Days is probably going to be my most-listened to track of 2020 – I listen to it every single day, without fail. Again, it paints a picture of a love I can only dream about. All of MacKenzie's songs are beautiful though: About You, 24/7/365, Seeing Other People, Drive Thru and I Wish I'd Known. 

Carly Pearce

Carly is another artist I'd heard of but never explored more. Her latest album is self-titled and each song on this CD is simply wonderful. From It Won't Always Be Like This to Halfway Home, Heart's Going Out of Its Mind and Dashboard Jesus – every track on this album is a masterpiece. 

Runaway June

When I discovered Runaway June a few months ago, I fell head over heels in love with their track Head Over Heels, but then I listened to the entirety of their latest album.. and wow. I Am Too, Buy My Own Drinks and Good Bad and Ugly. I love every single track that Runaway June have put out – I love how their voices merge and gel together, plus, the lyrics to each song is so deep and meaningful. 

Madeline Merlo

I discovered Madeline about a year ago. Dear Me was the first song I stumbled upon and I instantly fell in love. Uplifting, upbeat and oozing positivity – this song is the ultimate anthem for any girl in the world. I then listened to It Didn't when it came out earlier this year and again, I fell in love instantly. For someone that's never been in love, never had her heartbroken and never cried over a breakup – I sing this song way too loudly. 

Alana Springsteen

I discovered Alana on my Release Radar on Spotify. Think About You (Acoustic) was recommended and I couldn't stop listening.. so pure, so beautiful and such true, heartbreaking lyrics. When listening to this song, I just imagine the story playing out in my head. I want to feel the emotions in this song so much, but at the same time, I dread to think what being truly heartbroken feels like this. 

Kelleigh Bannen

One of my closest friends, Emily Bashforth, suggested this gorgeous song to me by Kelleigh Bannen. I had never heard of Kelleigh before, but OH MY GOODNESS. The Optimist is a stunner of a song – the lyrics are deep, dreamy, meaningful and epitomise everything perfect about country music. This song makes you daydream about what love feels like.. I really hope I get to feel this song for real someday.

Other tracks I'm loving....

There are SO many other tracks I'm obsessed with from artists I've been loving for a while. Kelsea Ballerini's latest album kelsea is a triumph. My favourite songs being la, needy, overshare and a country song.

Maren Morris recently released two brand new tracks: Takes Two and Just For Now. Both tracks are beautiful, but there's just something about Just For Now that melts my heart. 

I've also fallen in love again with Die From a Broken Heart by Maddie & Tae. If you're a hopeless romantic – it's a must-listen. 

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