In eight days I will be turning 19, ahhh! I can't quite believe it, it only feels as though I was starting high school last week - time certainly does fly. In this post I will be talking you through 18 things I have learnt whilst I have been 18. In this past year a lot has happened and I have learnt a hell of a lot and I thought I should share these things with you.

Whether you've already received your exam results or you're still yet to receive them, this period of Summer can be the most nerve-racking and suspenseful few weeks. Will I pass and get onto my desired course? Will I get the grades my family wants? Will I disappoint my family? Will I do well enough to do what I want in the future? These are just some of the questions that are going through your mind as you wait patiently for the email or brown envelope containing your fate.

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Being the crazy cat lady I am, when I saw Primark had collaborated with one of the world's most famous cats, I actually screamed with excitement. Grumpy Cat, whose real name is actually Tardar Sauce, is one of the most famous cats in the world. Grumpy Cat has a form of dwarfism, which is the cause of her permanently unhappy facial expression, although her owners claim she is just a normal happy kitty, 99% of the time. Tarar has a brother, Pokey, a little black and white kitty, who looks a lot like a chubbier, fluffier version of my cat, Carnaby! Tardar only has photo sessions once per week and is rarely handled by strangers, unless on tour, as he is at the moment. Grumpy Cat became famous in 2012 after a photo posted on the social media site, Reddit, shot to fame.. and then Grumpy Cat, the kitty meme king was born!