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"I can't wear that, it's too nice" or "Is this outfit too much for a trip to the shops" are two sayings I used to say a lot before the global pandemic.

When I was in college I rarely wore jeans. Maybe once a week.. sometimes. Yet my entire top shelf in my wardrobe was stacked high with jeans – more specifically River Island Molly Jeggings in a size 16. 


Welcome to issue two of MOLLIE'S CURVY STYLING TIPS! In today's post I'll be talking you through the struggles big bummed babes have, and how I've been overcoming them recently. From sizing up and wearing a belt, tucking tops in, wearing Miss Sexy trousers in high school.. I'll be sharing it ALL. I'll even be letting you in on a few secrets, including how to wear a cropped top confidently (yes, even with your belly button on show).

[Contains PR samples]

When autumn comes around each year, I automatically want to start afresh – there's just something about the changing leaves that make me want to change.. need to change.

Welcome to a brand new segment to theperksofmolliequirk.co.uk. This is a space dedicated to my curvy styling tips. So, let me introduce myself to any new readers...

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Despite summer 2020 being one of the weirdest summers in existence, it was the summer where I wore bikinis fearlessly and boldly.