Thursday 1 October 2020

[Contains gifted bikinis/pr products]

Despite summer 2020 being one of the weirdest summers in existence, it was the summer where I wore bikinis fearlessly and boldly. 

I wore them around the house, I wore them on my balcony and I wore them feeling happy and comfortable in my own skin. I mean, I'm still yet to brave the beach, but I'll get there I am sure. I wore some real gorgeous bikinis this year and I'm so proud of myself. Even just wearing them around the house – it's been a big step for me. 

Bikinis are a big step for most people. We are taught to hide our bodies, we are also taught to show them off, but only if they're seen as 'appealing' and aesthetically pleasing. Well, I've called bullshit on that this summer, and I'm now stepping into winter more comfortable in my own body – thanks to bikinis! So, here's a round up of the ones I wore this summer...

First up is my most recent addition to my bikini collection, and it's this gorgeous number by Curvy Kate from Brastop. It's the Curvy Kate Tropicana High Waisted Brief* and Moulded Plunge Bikini Top* – and oh my goodness, it's so comfy and flattering! I got this towards the end of summer, so haven't had the chance to rock this beneath the summer sunshine. When spring rolls around next year and the sunshine makes another appearance, you will definitely catch me in this ASAP. 

Next up is this gorgeous Red Floral Ditsy Bikini* from SHEIN's Plus Size range. This bikini was one that I kept gravitating back to throughout the summer because it's just so comfy! The high-waisted knickers weren't overly high-waisted (something I was initially dubious about), but it actually suited me far better than I thought.

Another couple of bikinis* I wore this year were also from SHEIN's plus size range. The sizing and fit of all of their bikinis is perfect and I feel so happy when wearing any of them.

I love how they're all high-waisted but not overly (you know, so they sit under your boobs). And I just LOVE how they all fit the same way. They're incredibly comfy, great quality and affordable too. And the size inclusivity is second-to-none.

Next up is this beautiful two piece from Figleaves*. This was my FIRST EVER bikini shoot, and I absolutely fell in love with bikinis from here on out. The pattern!! The colours!! The fit!! I fell head over heels in love with this bikini and it's one that I am sure will be worn year after year. The detailing is exquisite. Perfect for opulent holidays or a cute British beach day.


 Which is your favourite bikini from the above selection? Let me know in the comments below!

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