Friday 23 October 2020

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"I can't wear that, it's too nice" or "Is this outfit too much for a trip to the shops" are two sayings I used to say a lot before the global pandemic.

I used to worry that my favourite vintage dress or 'best pair of trousers' were 'too nice' to be wearing for a short trip into town for a coffee and to post a letter. I would worry that it would get 'ruined' or that a special occasion for come up soon and then I wouldn't be able to wear it then. I would want to save all of my 'best clothes' for special occasions that were not in the pipeline and were never going to happen. The need to save clothing for a 'better' day or occasion was big on my agenda.. I done it all of the time. 

But recently, I've been thinking. Why on earth should we save our favourite clothes? It's not like we have many events booked in for the next year. It's not like we're going to be spontaneously invited to a wedding next weekend or a launch event or a friend's birthday party at the Ivy. I'm not going to work experience at Vogue next month, nor am I starting a swish new office job in which I need to reserve and save my favourite trousers and blouse for. I don't need to keep my favourite dress at the back of my wardrobe just in case I get invited to a winter ball. We don't have any glamorous plans, so why should we 'save' our clothes for them?

I've been out of my flat around seven times since March 4th. Seven. And each time I've gone out, I've made sure I've worn a fabulous outfit. Why? Because I'm not going anywhere else anytime soon! 

This means I've worn my favourite comfy trousers and a roll neck to Waitrose; a cute cropped top and high waisted jeans to the pharmacy; black trousers and my favourite peplum top to the dentist; and the most amazing vintage-style dress and bright orange tights to the post office. 

There's no point in saving your clothes for 'best' anymore. No piece of clothing is 'too good' for a mundane day.. wear what brings you joy, every day, no matter what.

I express myself through what I wear, and over the past year I've missed out on hundreds of outfits that I could have worn day-to-day. I miss dressing up nicely with a passion – I miss people seeing my carefully curated clothing, and I miss feeling like the high-street is my very own catwalk... And this is precisely why I have been wearing my favourite outfits when doing the most mundane of tasks. 

Steal Mollie's Style...

Mollie is wearing the most amazing autumnal dress from Collectif Clothing. The Caterina Dress is one of her favourite dresses ever and the Forest Floral print for AW20 is her new favourite print. With an abundance of beautiful colours, perfectly suited to autumn – the Caterina Swing Dress in the Forest Floral Print works amazingly well with a bright orange/rust pair of tights, vintage style handbag, winged liner and a red lip, for an ultimate 1950s look that is perfect for autumn/winter! Mollie is wearing the 80 Denier Rust Tights from Better. [Dress and tights are both PR products]

So... I dare you. Wear your favourite/best/super glam/too good for this outfit doing something mundane like the food shop, or for a walk. It's good for the soul...


  1. Thats such a stunning dress! I love the pattern.

    Candice x


  2. Such a beautiful dress that deserves to be worn! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  3. What a beautiful dress! I've been doing exactly the same and not saving clothes for best and it's made me feel so much better xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

  4. You look fantastic. I like your outfit. have a nice day :)

  5. What a beautiful dress on you! I really like the orange tights with it too! I agree, it's better to get dressed up as you never know when the next time you'll get a chance to will be! This year has really helped my break my "saving clothes for a better day" habit, I'm trying to dress up even just for the school run as it's an excuse to get out the house and wear something I love!

    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From Blue


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