Sunday 4 October 2020

Welcome to a brand new segment to This is a space dedicated to my curvy styling tips. So, let me introduce myself to any new readers...

I'm Mollie Munro Quirk, I'm 23-years-old and I'm a fashion writer, activism journalist and body positive advocate. I've been blogging for almost seven years on this website, but it's only in the past three years that I've been involved with body image issues and the world of bopo.

See, the thing is, I never wanted to admit that I was a bigger girl. I never wanted to reveal my clothing size and I wouldn't dare say the word fat.. especially about myself. In fact, I spent years denying my fatness, yearning to be thin and wanting to be accepted in society.

In recent years and even more so in recent months, I have accepted my body and my fatness in FULL FORCE. I am now at peace with my body and feel as though I'm in the right head space to start coaching YOU, to start cheering YOU on! 

My blog is a place for positivity and realness. There will also be beauty reviews too because I LOVE all things beauty (so expect some skincare tips too). But my blog is now going to have a main focus, niche if you will – MAKING YOU FEEL GOOD! So, think of me as your big sister and ultimate cheerleader.. and welcome to MOLLIE'S CURVY STYLING TIPS – and this issue is all about styling up a-line skirts and embracing that VBO (visible belly outline).

For reference, I'm a UK size 16–18 curvy girl. I'm fat. I've got broad hips, a massive bum and a pouchy little belly. I've got thighs that touch, cellulite and I'm ALL about making myself (and you) feel good through fashion!

So... let's talk about mini skirts... on a fat girl

I love wearing skirts – I find them incredibly feminine and confidence-boosting. But a mini skirt, on a fat girl? HELL YES. 

For years I have worn mini skirts with a baggy black long sleeve t-shirt. I didn't DARE tuck it in. I didn't want my belly on show or my VBO exposed. I wanted to hide my belly and my bum. But then in the past year – I've really embraced tucking things in (read my blog post about this topic here). 

The skirts I wear are Marks & Spencer A–Line Mini Skirts in the Long option. I wear them all in a size 16. They're comfortable, easy to style and they look great.. effortlessly. I love wearing them with H&M modal roll neck tops (I wear size XL) tucked in, I think they make such a great pairing.

Gaining the confidence to tuck in your top or expose your VBO doesn't happen overnight. You have to get used to the idea and feel comfortable in doing so. Although, sometimes it is good to just go for it without looking back. So, if you do feel comfortable – GO FOR IT.

My top tips for wearing mini skirts as a fat girl are as follows:

Tuck in your damn top! Unless it's a cropped top, tuck it in! Tucking in your top accentuates your figure, nips you in at the waist and defines your body shape. It looks amazing and makes you feel incredible – trust me.
Wear a length that you're comfortable with. The M&S skirts I wear come in short, regular and long options. I go for the long option due to the volume of my bum – it is very important to only ever where what you're comfortable in wearing (this doesn't mean you shouldn't step out of your comfort zone though).
Don't shy away from colours and prints. 'Wearing black is so slimming' – what a bunch of BS. Wear whatever colour you want. Patterns, colours, prints, textures – wear whatever the hell you like, because YOU like it, because it feels like YOU. 
Size up if you need to. Buy the size that fits, not the size that you have to squeeze into 'just because it's the smaller size' and God forbid you wear a bigger size that looks and feels better.

Honey, wear whatever you want. Unapologetically.. OKAY!? Tuck that top in. Wear that mini skirt. Wear that bright and bold pattern. You don't need permission to be you and express yourself through fashion.

Next time I'll be talking you through styling trousers for my big bummed babes

But in the meantime.. got any questions? Need a styling tip? Let me know in the comments below!

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