Wednesday 7 October 2020

[Contains PR samples]

When autumn comes around each year, I automatically want to start afresh – there's just something about the changing leaves that make me want to change.. need to change.

I always begin a new season with changing up my signature fragrance. Opulent fragrances are something I adore indulging in – they give me a confidence boost and flood my senses with memories. 

That's the brilliant thing about fragrances – they take you back. They take you back to specific dates, times, moments and situations. Fragrances are magical and heartbreaking all at once, and that is the beauty of fragrance. 

I have specific perfumes that take me back to my childhood. For example Obsession by Calvin Klein makes me think of my mum – it's her favourite and she has worn it since I was very small. It's a distinctive scent that I will always love and adore. Another fragrance that takes me back is Blood Oranges by Shay & Blue – it takes me back to the first three months of my first year at university. It takes me back to heady feelings of being confused and scared, excited and nervous. My point is, fragrances transport you to a certain time in your life, and that is why I feel it's important to change them up every once in a while.

Changing up your signature scent ensures that memories can be made, the scent left for a season (or longer) and then returned to. Once you return to it, a million and one memories will flood back to you and you'll be frozen momentarily, trapped in a moment from hundreds of days, weeks or months ago.

Two fragrances that really take me back are these two beauties from LUSH. Karma & Lust – both of these fragrances remind me of 2013/14, a time when a lot happened in my life and a time when a million memories were made. This scent reminds me of moving house, getting the train to London from Dorset, going shopping on Oxford Street, cat sitting for my uncle, dropping out of high school and missing out on my final two years, going to concerts and having a brilliant time as a young teenager in the big wide world. 

LUSH's Karma fragrance boasts of the scent of patchouli, Brazilian orange oil, pine oil and lemongrass. It's uplifting, heady and musky all at once. Transporting you back to the Bohemian days of 1960s London, this fragrance is distinctive and unique. If you like the scent of opulent patchouli fragrances, then this beautifully curated fragrance is for you. RRP: £30/30ml | £60/100ml

Their Lust fragrance is sensual and warming – boasting of notes of jasmine absolute, ylang ylang oil and rose absolute – if you like floral fragrances with a kick of heady-goodness, then you'll love Lust. When I describe this fragrance as heady, I really do mean heady. LUSH describe this perfume as intoxicating and sexy, and I cannot agree more. I feel that this scent is perfect for the cooler months, there's just something about it that screams 'autumn' and 'crushed ice' – it's warming and cool all at once. RRP: £25/30ml | £50/100ml

If you're after a new scent to take you into the colder seasons ahead, then one of these two fragrances could be the perfect candidate for you to consider. I highly recommend them both – they're not only packaged beautifully, but the scent in which they both exude is pure opulence.. reminiscent of certain high-end designer brands (where the RRP is well into the triple figures).

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  1. I've never tried LUSH's fragrances, they sound lovely. x

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