The Fault in Our Stars is one of my favourite books EVER! I am truly obsessed with the whole idea of Augustus Waters. He is the most down to earth character I have ever read about in a book. John Green has written this book with so much thought and compassion, his Vlogs are so hilarious so it is hard to believe he writes so deeply and with so much passion. If you are that 1% of the teenage population that hasn't read this masterpiece yet, it is about a 16 year old girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster who has terminal cancer. Everything in Hazel's life changes when she meets a handsome plot twist in cancer support group named Augustus Waters. He is a charming 17 year old boy who is NEC (no evidence of cancer) but he had osteosarcoma and has had one of his legs amputated but other than that he is a healthy young man. Hazel introduces 'Gus' to her most treasured possession ever; An Imperial Affliction, Her most favourite book in the whole entire world written by her idol, Peter Van Houten. Hazel and Gus go on a quest to find out what happens to the characters in An Imperial Affliction after the book has ended and the main character Anna has died. They embark on a romance filled, heart breaking tale in-search for the answers they long for. If you enjoy witty, funny, heart breaking, romances then this book is defiantly for you.

The movie for TFiOS is supposed to be released in the UK on June 20th.


all my love,
Mollie x x x x