The perfect pink lipsticks | Clinique Pop Lip colour and primer review (swatches included!)

Sunday 23 July 2017

You're all well aware that I'm a massive lipstick addict, especially if you've been reading my blog since 2014 (the year I started wearing lipstick and haven't ever skipped a day since!). Lipstick is a massive love of mine - I have around 100 lip products - and I doubt I will ever, ever, ever stop loving lipstick! My favourite shades of lipstick would have to be red and pink - I mean, who can resist a pretty pink!? Keep reading to hear my thoughts on these gorgeous Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer lipsticks...

Clinique is definitely one of my favourite makeup and skincare brands. Fragrance free, high quality and formulated for sensitive skin - Clinique's products are my ultimate favourites. I was introduced to Clinique's Pop Lip Colour and Primer lipsticks a couple of years back and I fell head over hills in love with their gorgeous red, Cherry Pop, lipstick. Highly pigmented, super long-lasting and the most silky gorgeous formula ever.

In this post, I shall be introducing you to 5 different shades AND formulations from the Clinique Pop Lip Colour range..  from liquid matte, traditional lipstick, to liquid lacquer, traditional matte and sheer lipstick - get ready to discover the most amazing hot pink lipsticks ever!

Pop Lacquer Lip Colour + Primer in 'Go-Go Pop'

The Liquid Lacquer collection from the Clinique Pop range is gorgeous. If you're looking for pigmented, glossy (but definitely not sticky) lips, then the Pop Lacquer is definitely for you. I have the shade 'Go-Go Pop' - a gorgeous bright poppin' pink shade with fuchsia hues. The product stains the lips while ensuring your lips feel moisturised and looking super shiny, which in turn creates the illusion of bigger, more plumped lips. If you're looking for lips with a 3D plumped up effect without the tingling or fillers, then this lip colour is for you! The Pop Lacquer formulation achieves a full coverage effect and the pigmentation definitely resembles a lipstick - perfect for lipstick lovers wanting a shine.

Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour + Primer in 'Petal Pop'

Petal Pop is the prettiest ever pink. Honestly - it's so pigmented and so bright! I'd definitely describe Petal Pop as a true bubblegum pink - pretty and bright with blue undertones. This pink will look gorgeous on absolutely any skin tone due to the blue undertone, but even more so on those with an olive undertone to the skin. The formulation of the Pop Liquid Matte range is gorgeous - incredibly silky, non-drying, smooth and hydrating with the nicest demi-matte look. I read some reviews for this formulation on the Clinique website, some of which were very negative. Some of the reviews said that the Pop Liquid Matte Lip Colour formula was very patchy and dry, but I beg to differ - I find this formula one of the best liquid matte lipstick formulations ever - non-patchy, non-drying and incredibly long-lasting.

From top to bottom: Go-Go Pop, Petal Pop, Fab Pop, Mod Pop, Sprinkle Pop

Pop Lip Colour + Primer in 'Fab Pop'

This is the traditional, original Pop Lip Colour formulation and definitely one of my favourites. The formulation is just like a traditional lipstick but glides on much easier and definitely stays much, much longer than other brands of lipsticks. The shade, Fab Pop, is such a gorgeous pink. A more understated bubblegum pink when compared to Petal Pop, but still bright enough to make a statement. I love wearing this pink as it's very pretty and pastel-esque. I think of Fab Pop as a nude-ish pink as it definitely has some attributes of a nude lipstick.

Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer in 'Mod Pop'

I have loved this shade for years! Before I got this lipstick a few months back, for years I had put it on whenever I passed the Clinique counter at my local Debenhams. It's the most amazing bright pink - the perfect pink for me! It's so pretty and I love it loads - it's a great pink for the summer months and the matte formula isn't drying or patchy whatsoever, in-fact it's the nicest traditional matte lipstick I have ever used. The formulation is opaque with full coverage - one swipe really is all you need and I find that I only need to touch up my lipstick after a meal. Such a wonderful formula.. I think I need every colour!!

Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Colour + Primer in 'Sprinkle Pop'

Sprinkle Pop is a beautiful sheer bright pink with deep fuchsia undertones. If you're wanting to rock a bright lip but are a little dubious and not very daring, then this shade and formula will definitely be for you. In the most beautiful shiny sheer formulation, the Glaze Sheer Pop has a lovely sheer cream formula that glides on, lasts for hours and doesn't look too brash, bright or pigmented. Think of the Pop Glaze Sheer range as a tinted lip balm range that's a whole lot more luxurious, long-lasting, hydrating and pigmented.

From left to right: Mod Pop, Sprinkle Pop and Fab Pop
I am totally besotted with these gorgeous five Pop Lip Colours by Clinique. They're all so pretty, so pigmented and most importantly, so PINK!

Which pink from my collection of 5 Clinique Pop Lip Colours would be your go-to pink lipstick and formulation? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I adore Lip Pops in every way! You need to try Wow Pop - another beautiful pink! xx


    1. Ooooh! I just had a peak on their website and OH MY GOSH! I need it!! - Mollie xx

  2. Thank you so much for swatches, these are amazing pinks :))

    1. No worries gorgeous - so so so glad you enjoyed the post! - Mollie xxx

  3. I have a Clinique lip pop in a gorgeous red shade, but I will definitely be checking out the pinks now! Thanks for the swatches Mollie x

    Molly x

    1. I too have a red shade and it's my all time fave!!! These pinks are FAB though! And no worries gorgeous! Thank you so much for reading! - Mollie xxx

  4. Gorgeous lipsticks!

  5. I really want to try the liquid matte lipsticks, especially in mod pop, it's such a great color!

    May from La Vie en May


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