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Tuesday 18 July 2017

Handbag friendly makeup is something of a rarity. Most makeup is either too bulky, big or delicate to chuck in your handbag everyday - but Bagsy is in a different league.. a league of its own in-fact. Bagsy beauty and their gorgeous products were designed with us girls in mind - the girls who want and need accessible beauty on-the-go, beauty that works and beauty with no comprise on quality, design and attention-to-detail. Keep on reading to discover your handbags new best friend.. Bagsy!

Beautifully packaged and designed with us in mind, Bagsy Beauty is the most gorgeous handbag friendly makeup out there! Not only does this makeup fit inside your handbag with absolute ease, but the products themselves and of course the formulations too, are second-to-none! High quality, professional makeup that delivers and achieves the most gorgeous and effortlessly natural makeup looks.

Ray of Sunshine Bronzer in Light/Medium

RRP: £16.00
Matte Finish bronzers are something we cannot live without, especially during the summer months! And how can anybody resist when the most gorgeous quote is embossed onto the powder itself? Not only does this bronzer look beautiful, but the formula itself, IS beautiful. If you're looking for an easily blended bronzer, then stop looking because you've just stumbled across it. I LOVE the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil bronzer but if I'm being 100% honest, this bronzer is ever-so-slightly better! I find that although slightly deeper than my holy grail Too Faced bronzer, this bronzer definitely blends in better and doesn't require as much buffing.

Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Living the Dream

RRP: £12.00
Matte Lipsticks can sometimes feel drying to our lips, not to mention the big and bulky packaging that they can sometimes come in. Lip Velvet by Bagsy is so silky and definitely not drying in the slightest! The formula of this liquid lipstick is so creamy with a full coverage, which means there's no patchiness whatsoever. The shade 'No Frills' is a beautiful nude-ish pink - perfect for everyday wear.

WOW Lips in Happy Days 

RRP: £12.00
I adore chubby sticks - they're perfect for chucking in your handbag and keeping your lips looking on point. The WOW Lips range by Bagsy is super cute (and I literally need to invest in EVERY colour!) and the formulation is gorgeous!! I love a pigmented lip colour and this definitely delivers on all levels of pigmentation, staying power and handy-ness! Not only does this chubby lipstick gloss stay for HOURS, but it smells divine too.

Pretty Cheeks in Velvet Rose

RRP: £16.00
Recently I have fallen in love with 'untraditional' blushes. Pressed powder formulations of blush don't work as well for me as I would like - of course they work but when I'm being lazy with my makeup or I'm in a rush, I just want something that I can swipe on and go, instead of blending and buffing a powder in for 10 minutes. The Pretty Cheeks solid blush by Bagsy in the shade Velvet Rose is a stunning product and now a firm staple in my makeup bag (or acrylic storage). With a gorgeous pink hue and a slight shimmery glimmer, this solid blush swipes on like literal velvet and both highlights and defines while leaving you with a fresh, glowing blushed effect that doesn't look fake AT ALL.

Wonder Wand

RRP: £18.00
If you're looking for a quick n easy highlight and contour, then this is your new best friend. A double sided chubby stick with a highlighting side and a deeper contouring side, makes it easy to define your facial features in a quick simple swipe. The formulation is creamy and easily bendable, making this perfect for contouring on-the-go or if you're in a rush. The highlighting side is perfect for the inner corners of your eyes, bride of nose and chin, while the deeper side is great for the sides of your nose and cheek bones! The deeper side can also work well as a concealer, depending on your skin tone of course!

Savannah Miller Pitch Black Mascara 

RRP: £18.00
Mascara is pretty much a necessity for me and most other girls who wear makeup. It's such a wonderful tool for defining your brightest asset - your beautiful eyes. This mascara is non-flakey and super pigmented too. Although a little difficult to remove, when using a cleansing balm or eye makeup remover, it comes of easily and quickly. This mascara is long-lasting and doesn't make your lashes droop halfway through the day - a godsend for those long days at the office, long nights out clubbing or long day trips too!

What do you think of this brand? Bagsy is such a gorgeous brand and a brand that I believe should have so much more recognition - the packaging, the products and the formulations used are simply stunning and definitely second-to-none. I'm a sucker for anything pretty and this brand speaks to me on so many levels... does it speak to you as well? Let me know in the comments below!

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