Sunday 21 June 2020

[Gifted bikini from Figleaves & tee from SHEIN Curve]

I have cellulite. I have dimply thighs and a dimply bum. I have fat rolls, back rolls, bingo wings and saggy boobs. I have a little belly that hangs a little bit. And guess what? NONE of the above means I can't wear a bikini. Because every BODY is a bikini body. Now, prove me wrong.

Yes, I'm fat/curvy/chubby/bigger – or whatever else you'd like to call my figure. Yes, it used to bother me. And yes, sometimes it still does. But is any of that going to stop me from wearing a bikini on my balcony this summer? Nope. If I was going to a beach this summer (which I'm not because of COVID) would I wear this bikini? Yes I would. Because I look incredible – even with my socially undesirable body on display. 

Every BODY – regardless of shape or size – is bikini worthy. YOUR body is worthy of wearing a bikini, YOUR body doesn't need to look a specific way to do so.

For years we are told, subliminally and verbally – "only slim white girls can look good in bikinis" – this is so wrong, so untrue and so unjust. All bodies look great in bikinis – white bodies, fat bodies, slim bodies, black bodies, short bodies, tall bodies – ALL BODIES! I shouldn't matter what your body looks like – it's nobody else's business but your own – so, if you want to wear a bikini – wear one without a second thought!

It's hard to change your mindset, but it's harder to live in restriction and regret. For years I've restricted how I act, what I wear and what clothes I buy – all because of the way society has made me feel about my body. It's only now at the age of 22, that I feel sad about that – sad that society made me feel inadequate about how I looked – but empowered because I have finally broken free from the intrusive thoughts I had for years about my body and how it was inadequate. 

I now embrace my body and all of it's so-called 'flaws' – my body isn't flawed, nor is it flawless. My body is my body, my body is a sacred vessel – my body is a bikini body.

Steal Mollie's summertime style:

I'm wearing a gorgeous gifted bikini from Figleaves – the Frida Floral Non Wired High Apex Plunge Bikini Top in a size 18, and the Frida High Waist Tummy Control Bikini Bottom also in a size 18. This bikini is so beautiful – so bright, so vivid and so flattering. The gorgeous print combined with the colours that pop really is a match made in heaven! I feel so confident and happy when wearing this bikini – the high waisted bottoms are perfect for accentuating my hips and waist, while the bikini top is super flattering for my boobs.

I also wore a gorgeous tee from SHEIN Curve as a cover-up top. I'm wearing the Plus Mouth & Tongue Print Tee in a gorgeous mint green hue! Use code theperksofmolliequirk for 15% off SHEIN (not affiliated). 

Remember, every body is a bikini body – yes, YOU have a bikini body! I have a bikini body too... and if I haven't convinced you – well, my body isn't the problem, but your mindset clearly is. 


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