Saturday 23 May 2020

[Contents of blog post gifted to me by LUSH]

LUSH have recently launched a brand new range of bubble bars! Bigger, better and more inventive than ever. With perfume bottle shaped treats, sweet smelling mermaid's tails and tie dyed clouds in pastel colours – there's something to tempt everyone!

I was kindly gifted the featured bubble bars. I chose the following selection to receive: Mermaid Tale, Love, Sleepy, Big Bottle of Calm, Erlenmeyer Flask, Milky Bath & Nana

Their new additions comprise of different kinds of bubble bar – reusable, crumbly ones and giant ones too. The Big Bottle of Calm, Love, Milky Bath & Erlenmeyer Flask are all reusable bottle bubble bars (which means they can last up to ten baths)! These bubble bars (or bottles) can be held under the running tap before being stood somewhere to dry off. Mermaid Tale & Sleepy however are crumbly bubble bars, which can be crumbled beneath running water to create the most amazing bubble bath ever. 

These new additions to the LUSH bubble bar family are truly incredible. With scents to sooth, potent fragrances to indulge in and the most fun and innovative designs – the new additions are so fabulous and such fun too!

Here's a breakdown of the fragrances of these stunning little bathing accompaniments: 

Mermaid Tale is bursting with citrus fragrance – think lemon, ylang ylang and grapefruit; Love is a potent perfume bubble bar which contains rose, bergamot, ylang ylang and lemon (it's perfect for around four baths, or less if you want more indulgent baths); Sleepy is probably my favourite as it contains lavender (which is my favourite scent) – it's a super calming crumbly bubble bar and I adore it; Big Bottle of Calm is my favourite bathing accompaniment for a Friday evening (or any other time I need to chill) because it's packed with potent fragrance that soothes, calms and relaxes your mind, body, soul and muscles; Erlenmeyer Flask is packed with the scents of blackcurrant and bergamot (rather reminiscent of the Comforter) perfect for 6–8 pink hued baths; Milky Bath contains oat flour, orange and patchouli and creates the most amazing creamy bath time experience; & Nana which is reminiscent of Yog Nog – buttery, spicy, oaty, banana-y and warming – I adore this bubble bar so much! 

These new bubble bars are so much fun! They smell delightful, look beautiful and leave your skin soft, sweet-smelling and feeling great! I highly recommend them all. Although, I must admit – I definitely prefer the crumbly bubble bars – I find them to be much more scented and they tend to last me longer too!

Which one would you like to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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