Feminism | Every BODY is beautiful

Saturday 4 June 2016

I am so sick of seeing posts everywhere on social media that are subliminally telling girls how they should look, act and live their lives. We are human beings and we can do, be and live however the hell we want.

I hate the fact that girls from a very young age are being told how to act, look and dress. The 'beauty ideal' is so unrealistic and incredibly wrong. From the second we are born we're dressed in pink, boys in blue; we then start to play, Barbie doll's for us, Action men for boys. From the age of around 3, when we first come across Barbie's and Action Men, we are being told, subliminally, that girls should be blonde, beautiful, skinny, tall and dressed to the nines and that boys need to be muscled, masculine, short hair, tanned skin and have defined jaw lines - this is all so unrealistic. Yes, these things do exist, but not everybody needs to conform to this. We all come in different shapes, sizes, skin tones, hair colours, eye colours and so much more too; we shouldn't need to aspire to be something we are not, just because the media and social norms tell us too, how look hasn't really got anything to do with anyone else; all that matters is being happy and doing what you love.

I saw on Facebook just last week, an image of a really beautiful girl; brunette hair, makeup applied perfectly and a gorgeous smile, next to that image was the same girl in all of her beauty but a full length image; her makeup and hair the same, but you could see her curvaceous body - small waist, broad hips, chunky thighs etc... - she was still just as gorgeous as in the selfie next to it. Above the two images was a caption 'Never trust these twitter hoes' - I was stunned. Just because this girl had a curvier body than expected, the media is telling us to not see her in the same light as her selfie, the media is telling us she is ugly, the media is telling us that having curves is wrong and the media is telling us to not post selfies that make us feel good. None of this is good for the younger generation, us or anybody else, let alone the poor girl whom is in the images! Nobody is perfect, everybody has flaws, but I truly believe and I know for sure that we are ALL beautiful - no matter what flaws you have, no matter if you're thin, chubby, black, white, gay, straight or bisexual - we are all human beings, we are all beautiful and deserve to be loved, happy and treated with respect.

I am also really sick of the lack of mens fashion in the media. When watching some daytime television during the week, it dawned on me that they give men's fashion, next to no air time whatsoever, this really did fire up inside of me. It's not fair on men. It's not fair that us women have fashion programmes, segments in shows, etc.. when men get nothing. Men are just as important as women. Also, why should women be told how to dress constantly when men aren't told how to dress at all on mainstream TV?

I'm going to start making feminism posts a regular thing, here on TPOMQ. I think it brings a little something extra to my blog, something that's positive and airs my views. Let me know what you think about this post in the comments section below!


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