What would have been my Great Nanny's 100th Birthday...

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Top - Primark // Trousers - Primark // Sandals - River Island // Bag - Louis Vuitton // Kimono - Primark // Jewellery - Primark
My Great Nanny would have been 100 years of age today, so myself and my mum decided to have a day dedicated to her and we decided to do all of her favourite things.. we wore pink (her favourite colour), played bingo and ate saveloy and chips! She'd have absolutely adored today! Read more to see my full outfit and to also see what we got up to...

She sadly passed away back in 2009 and since then myself and my family have missed her ever such a lot. She was such a wonderful lady, gentle, kind and dainty with the biggest, brightest and most incredible personality. She was so funny and sometimes unknowingly offensive but she was wonderful and we truly miss her such a lot. I can't believe that she was born 100 years ago today.. it's insane to think that she would have been 100 today.. it's insane to think that she'd have been receiving a birthday card from her majesty the Queen today, if only she was still here. She'd have absolutely loved to have received a card from her majesty the Queen, she was a massive fan of the royal family and I know that it would have meant the world to her.

Pictured above - My Great Nanny on the left and my Nanny on the right
On the occasion of it being my Great Nanny's 100th Birthday myself and my mum decided to have a day dedicated to the fabulous lady that was my great nanny! My great nan was a massive lover of Bingo, so me and my mum decided to go to our local Bingo halls and have a game on her, it was my first ever Bingo experience and it was actually quite enjoyable, we didn't win anything but it was a great afternoon with Mummy Quirk. We also decided to have saveloy and chips on the beach - her favourite! She'd have honestly adored today, she'd have said it was 'smashing'!

I decided to wear an outfit I know she'd have loved. I wore some of my new buys from Primark (check out my haul here), I wore a pink floral top, white trousers, embellished sandals and my Louis Vuitton handbag. Deep pink was her favourite colour so I ensured to incorporate pink prominently throughout my outfit.

It's such a shame that my fabulous Great Nanny wasn't here to celebrate what would have been her 100th birthday, I know she'd have absolutely adored today and I hope she's looking down on us smiling. Miss you so much Great Nanny, love you loads.. HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY!!


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