Exploring London With A Glass Of Prosecco In Hand With Golden Tours

Wednesday 19 April 2023

[AD-PR VISIT // I was gifted the below experience]

Even though I moved to London more than three years ago now, I still love being a tourist in my own city. There's just so much of London to be explored, discovered, appreciated, experienced and adored - and it's because of this that I am obsessed with heading out on day trips whenever I get the chance.

My favourite way to explore any city or town is a bus ride. As somebody who doesn't drive, buses have been a prominent part of my life and only way I really get around bar walking. So when I saw Golden Tours did an Afternoon Tea Bus tour, I was taken aback and incredibly inquisitive.

Throughout my lifetime, I've been on countless bus rides and several open top bus rides too. I just love being able to explore places this way. And even when I head back to my hometown, Eastbourne, I adore hopping on the open top bus (in the summer months) and whizzing around, re-exploring the town I spent my teenage years in.

But an Afternoon Tea Bus tour is a completely different experience and in a total league of its own. Because really, when else can you sit on a bus, top deck, at the front with Prosecco in hand and an array of sweet treats to devour? Exactly... never!

With three different seating options to pick from; upper deck, lower deck or premium upper deck seating, your Golden Tours Afternoon Tea Bus tour really is completely customisable and personal to you depending on your budget, wants and needs.

I was kindly gifted a premium upper deck ticket, which meant I got to experience panoramic views of the city with nobody in front of me. But from what I saw of the other seats, there really isn't a *bad* seat, and all seats allow for a panoramic view of the capital.

With the general menu option to choose from, as well as vegan and gluten-free, you'll be able to enjoy a selection of sandwiches, wraps, mini cakes, shortbread and of course... scones with jam and cream! Not only this, but you're served a glass of Prosecco at the start of your journey, with juices and water available too, with a cup of tea or coffee served mid-way - complete with a reusable souvenir travel mug that you get to keep!

Whizzing through the city, you'll get to marvel at all of the world-famous landmarks, up close and personal, all while drinking some fizz, eating delicious foods and listening to music. 

Starting off at Stop 1, Bulleid Way, London SW1W 9SR, you then whizz through central London and past the London Eye before going down the embankment past Big Ben and then heading down Fleet Street.

Arriving at St. Paul's Cathedral after driving past the theatres, you're then taken through the old part of London before going over Tower Bridge, past the Tower of London and going along the embankment once more.

The ride is smooth and exciting, and you get to see so much of the capital city, although I do think it would have benefited from some kind of commentary or route map. 

Overall, the entire 90 minute journey was incredibly relaxing and fun. Sipping on Prosecco, eating a cream tea and experiencing London in an entirely different way, I can't recommend it enough!

Why not experience the Golden Tours Afternoon Tea Bus Tour for yourself? Book now and use code mollie20 for 20% off of the full price of the Afternoon Tea Bus tour. It’s valid from April 17 until May 8, 2023. [Not an affiliate code]. 

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