Summer Home Refresh - How I Revamped My Home For The Brighter Seasons

Wednesday 7 June 2023

[Some items were PR samples, these are marked with an asterisk]

I am a huge lover of home decor. Almost every inch of my home has been either painted or wallpapered, and honestly, I've never loved living in a space more than I do now. Since moving to London from Eastbourne in 2020, ensuring my mum and I reside in a funky home full of mood-boosting colours and prints has been at the top of my agenda. 

At first the flat had more of a classic theme. We wanted it to be mellow, light, airy and relaxed. Opting for pastel hues, the living room was pastel pinks and creams, the bathroom was lilac, the hall was an emerald green and our bedrooms were grey and cream. But this soon took a different turn, and ever since around 2021 brighter hues and bold patterns have been introduced. 

But for spring 2023, we wanted to give everywhere a revamp with even more colours and patterns to reflect our ever-changing personalities, passions and loves. From re-painting our doors to changing the colour of our ceilings, re-wallpapering feature walls and painting murals on plain and boring walls - everyone needs to give their homes a refresh when a new season dawns.

Starting with the main room - the living room - I had a vision to make it feel a tad lighter and funkier. With the help of Lust Home and their Happy Glamper wallpaper in Clementine and Magenta* (which was kindly gifted to me as a PR sample), I single-handedly changed up our living room's feature wall in the space of two days. Going from a jewel-toned 60s vibe to an even funkier pink and mustard floral pattern reminiscent of the 1970s, the overall vibe of the living room was changed instantly. 

I then decided to use Dulux's Berry Smoothie silk emulsion to pain the ceiling from a mint green to bubblegum pink - which compliments the wallpaper perfectly. I also painted our coffee table this pink and a cabinet in the room too, just to tie it all in. On the coffee table, I then painted some flowers in each corner and in the middle, using Lust Home's red Poison Apple (red) emulsion paint.

Moving on to painted doors and rugs - yes rugs! We wanted cute murals on our doors because  were bored of the old ones we had painted on them (The Moon Tarot card on our bathroom door, The World Tarot card for the toilet and a Tarot and Tea poster for the kitchen). 

The bathroom now has a Nathalie Lete inspired cat, as does the toilet, with a heart painted on the kitchen door. These were all done using a mix of various paints, but mainly Lust Home paints* in the colours So Fresh and So Clean; Homer; Veneziano; Poison Apple; Colourfornia; Mother Earth; I'm Blushing; and Harmony, with acrylic paints for other shade variations.

Then, something you might not know about our flat is that our flooring is pretty nifty. When we moved in the flat had black vinyl tiles everywhere - which we hated. But after a year, we finally did something about them. Painting them with a cream matte (in the hall/bedrooms) and orange (in the living room) emulsion and then drawing on lines to mimic floorboards, I then varnished over them all and we had the most amazing faux floorboards ever. 

But overtime some wear and tear has started to show through, which is where we've had to get creative by painting rugs on the floor. Using mainly Lust Home's I'm Blushing (bright fuchsia) and Mother Earth (apple green) paint and with the help of acrylics and varnish, we now have the most amazing decorative faux rugs. 

Now, onto my bedroom, which had been cream since the winter of 2020. Last summer I moved my bright orange desk into my room from the hall, and ever since it just hasn't matched properly. But with the help of some paint and new bed sheets, it has now been transformed and matches my desk really well. Using Wilko's Candy Cane pink paint to paint a base on one wall, I then used Lust's So Fresh and So Clean (white) paint to paint on daisies with the help of Lust's Homer (yellow) paint for the middles and the same yellow to create the scalloping at the top.

I then wanted an art deco-style design on the same wall, so painted three panels using Lust's Homer (yellow) and Veneziano (orange) with aforementioned Dulux's Berry Smoothie in the middle.

On the opposite wall, I then used the Wilko pink paint to paint on pink daisies with Lust's Homer for the middles middles, with a 70s-style wave and matching yellow scalloping. 

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