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Monday 9 April 2018

Country music isn't the most popular genre of music, but it's my absolute favourite genre. Country music has meaning, depth and tells a meaningful story with every verse – I honestly cannot see why it's not more mainstream, it's a beautiful genre that deserves much more appreciation. 

I started getting into country music around five years ago when I became extremely obsessed with Taylor Swift's music (I'm still obsessed to this day), and since then my obsession with country as a genre progressed. I had always listened to the likes of Shania Twain, as when I was really young my mum would always listen to her, so I suppose I've always had a keen interest. 

Since last autumn, I've been broadening my country horizons and delving into the genre a lot more, and it's safe to say I've discovered some real gems that I really wish I had stumbled across before! From Kelsea Ballerina to Jana Kramer, and Tyler Rich to Maren Morris – these are just some of country's hidden gems.

Kelsea Ballerini 

I discovered Kelsea Ballerini towards the end of last year, and since then I've been completely hooked. Her debut album 'The First Time' and her most recent release 'Unapologetically' are two incredible albums that tell stories of love and life. My favourite songs by Kelsea would have to be 'Peter Pan', 'End of the World', 'Get Over Yourself' and 'Unapologetically'. Each of Kelsea's songs tell a real, raw and meaningful story, and I'm sure that everybody can relate to at least one of her songs. Kelsea's voice is absolutely breathtaking – if you think her studio versions are good, wait until you hear her acoustic versions. One of my favourite acoustic performances of hers would have to be when she performed 'I Hate Love Songs' at the Grand Ole Opry.

Maren Morris

Maren Morris is another country star I'm utterly obsessed with at the moment. A fusion of easy listening and country, Maren is such a soulful songbird and her songs fill me with happiness and hope. I discovered Maren around the same time as Kelsea, but didn't get hooked until a few weeks ago. Maren's debut album 'Hero' was released in 2016, and oh boy do I wish I'd discovered it then. A stunning album that combines classic and contemporary country music. With gospel twangs in 'My Church' and classic country vibes in 'Drunk Girls Don't Cry' and 'I Could Use A Love Song' – Maren's debut album is absolutely stunning, and I cannot wait until she releases her next!

Jana Kramer

If you're a hopeless romantic like me, you'll absolutely adore Jana Kramer's music. Her songs like 'Why Ya Wanna' and 'I Got The Boy' are classic country love songs, whereas her song 'Said No One Ever' has a more contemporary country feel. Jana Kramer's songs all tell a story, and in such a beautiful way too. I adore Jana and her stunning voice with a southern twang. I really love 'I Hope It Rains' by Jana, it's such a fun song that I'm sure many girls (and guys) can relate to. If you love the idea of falling in love, Jana Kramer's songs are definitely for you.

Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum are my favourite band at the moment. Their latest album 'Heart Break' is a masterpiece, and each song is super catchy too. Comprising of Hillary, Charles and Dave, Lady Antebellum are probably best known in the world of mainstream for their hit single 'Need You Now'. Their new album is uplifting and I can definitely see some of the songs becoming anthems of mine for the summer of 2018. My personal favourite song from 'Heart Break' would have to be 'Think About You' – the lyrics are relatable, catchy and the song is incredibly upbeat and empowering too.

Tyler Rich

Tyler was signed to Big Machine Music and The Valory Music Co. on December 14th 2017. I discovered Tyler a couple of weeks ago upon the release of his debut single 'The Difference'. His new single is incredible and I'm absolutely obsessed. I also delved a little in to Tyler Rich's previous works, some of my favourites being 'California Grown', 'I Can Teach Ya' 'Radio' and 'Turn It Up'. I cannot wait to see Tyler's future material, it's going to be exciting to see him grow as an artist and I cannot wait until is debut album with Big Machine is released!

Jenny Tolman

I absolutely love Jenny Tolman and her latest single 'Something To Complain About'. I recently discovered Jenny, and am already besotted with her. Her latest single documents how we all complain about things, but there will always be something that you've got that somebody else wishes they had to complain about. Listen to the lyrics and you'll see exactly what I mean. She also has another single, which was released last autumn, 'Stripper For A Week' is an upbeat track with a comical side. I cannot wait to see more from Jenny, she's an amazing artist and I'm utterly obsessed with 'Something To Complain About'.

Little Big Town

Another brilliant country band that I'm absolutely obsessed with, Little Big Town first came to my attention when I heard that Taylor Swift had written a song for them – 'Better Man'. I remember at first I wasn't too interested in checking it out but when I stumbled across this song last summer I couldn't stop listening and could definitely tell that Taylor had written it, it's got her name written all over it! I love how she wrote it and passed it on to a different artist to sing, it just shows how versatile she is, and it also shows how she's still very much a country girl at heart.

Kacey Musgraves

I've been absolutely besotted with Kacey Musgraves, in fact I just bulk ordered all three of her studio albums: Same Trailer, Different Park; Pageant Material; and Golden Hour. Kacey is a glorious country singer who I adore to bits. Her style is almost alternative, but that's what I love about her. Upon first listen around five months ago, I really couldn't see myself getting as hooked as I am today, but something within me shifted and now I just cannot stop listening to her older tracks as well as her latest material from Golden Hour. My favourite old tracks of hers would have to be 'Biscuits' (it's just an amazingly honest song that I'm sure everybody can relate to), 'Step Off and 'I Miss You'. From Golden Hour, I'm obsessed with 'Butterflies', 'Space Cowboy', 'High Horse', 'Lonely Weekend' and 'Oh What A World'.

Country music is by far my most favourite genre. It tells a story and that's what I love most about it. Unlike some other genres and tracks today, country music has deep meanings and tells a relatable story from start to end – country music is easy to follow, easy to learn and wonderful to sing.

Although my debut track 'Two Years' wasn't very country, I have tracks coming out soon that are country, because a country artist is the kind of artist I want to be. I've been singing and writing country songs for YEARS, and now I'm getting more into modern country, I'm, so excited to write and sing more country songs. Country music is my main passion and if my music career does take off (it might not, but I'll give it a shot), my five goals are to: 1) Perform at the Bluebird Café, 2) Get signed by Big Machine Records, 3) Record tracks at the Bluebird Studios, 4) Be a guest artist at the Grand Ole Opry, and finally 5) Move to Nashville and buy a ranch! Country music is my soul and I really hope and pray that it stops getting bashed on social media by people in my generation. Maybe if they listened to country music, they'd understand it a little more – it's the most beautiful genre of music and I won't ever get tired of it.

I'll try and make this compilation of country music that I love a regular feature on here. Let's just hope ya'll love it!

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